Jay Freeman (aka saurik), creator of Cydia and a key player in the jailbreak community, has been working hard the past 3 months trying to make Cydia an even better experience for all of us.

Cydia can be very slow at times (especially if you’ve got several repos added); taking several minutes to load up completely, sometimes to the point where it drives you nuts. Saurik has been hard at work and claims he has greatly improved Cydia response times, which should give a noticeable speed boost…

Saurik has moved Cydia’s server to the new CDN-ELB stack, which improves request times from 0.45s to 0.25s. Saurik also tweeted three graphs showing the impressive progress made with 3 months of server work.

Just switched Cydia’s www over to the new “CDN->ELB” stack I’ve been building: requests to / from my apartment are down from 0.45s to 0.25s!

(Random SNAFU’s during the transition: some users in Korea got errors related to “Cydia for iOS 1.x” ;P and cookies weren’t being saved :(.)

“3 months of server work”, a story told in graphs: http://tinyurl.com/cy012011rt http://tinyurl.com/cy022011rt http://tinyurl.com/cy031911rt

I applaud saurik and all of the jailbreak community for what they do. If it were not for them, I don’t think many of us would enjoy our iDevices as much as we do now.

What say you?

  • Burge

    Long live Cydia…and the way of the jailbreak…

  • Zigge

    Sweet, i applaud saurik and all the other jailbreakers.
    Long live jailbreak!

  • Xepptizz


  • Old Tom

    just tried opening cydia this morning. WOW!! VERY noticeable improvement!!

    Thanks Jay and all the others in the JB teams that do all this work!! You guys are the best!!

    • Eric

      Wtf it wont ven load at all on mine! Help me it wont do anything i cant even see the packages or scources i have installed i have a ipod touch 2g (mc model if it matters) i jailbroke it with greenpois0n and cydia worked fine till bout a week ago it just fails to do anything sometimes ill even tap on a link and it wil say “please use cydia to view this” and i am using cydia!

      • Eric

        Also my current firmwAre is 4.2.1

  • Safri

    Cydia lives!

  • Xepptizz

    So where do we yet it?

    • it will most likely come out as an update later, or you might have to do a manual installation, oorrrr it comes with newer version of Redsn0w/GreenPois0n and you would simply have to JB over it. who knows, but im sure this site will tell you when the time comes.

    • Kickstar13

      It’s a server change. It’s already in effect (Its a change from the backend).

  • Vern

    Thx for making idevice experience great!

  • rustytrawler

    cydia sucks. I un-jailbroke my iphone because Cydia is so awful. If only there were an alternative, but Cydia bought out the only competition.

    • Hunt2013

      There is ICY but I don’t know if their still i service

  • After Saurik bought RockApp, i thought Cydia was going to be better and faster. hope the new update kills dead repos and erros.

  • OSXuser

    Quick questions I hope someone can help

    I have unlocked iPhone 4 ios 4.2.1
    Im on baseband 1.59
    I jailbroke with GreenP0ison
    I have ultrasn0w installed.

    Im planning on visiting the US next week and have already bought a Pre-Paid SIM
    In the old days when I had my iPhone 3G I had to install a carrier bundle for T-Mobile US
    but somehow on my iPhone 4 the T-Mobile carrier bundle from Big Boss is not installing.

    What can I do ? or once I get to the US will the Tmobile SIM card work right away ?
    And do I still need to turn off 3G ? like before ?

    • Smitty

      You don’t need a carrier bundle, it works without it. Just unlock and insert sim. Turn off 3G. You may want to install t-mobile mms settings from pushfix repo. I don’t think prepaid micro sim is avail in USA, you may need a sim cutter.

      • OSXuser

        Thanks so much !
        So I guess its not like the old days where I had to install the T-Mobile Carrier Bundles.
        Also T-mobile is still not working with 3G on the iPhone 4 ?
        I called T-mobile and they said 3G data should work fine.
        Is there anythign else I need to setup
        Thanks again

      • Smitty

        The at&t 3G frequency operates at 1800mhz, t-mobile’s 3G frequency operates at 1700mhz. The iPhone dosen’t use the 1700mhz band so you can’t use t-mobile’s 3G with any version of iPhone, you can only use Edge network. I don’t think any internationally released iphones operate at 1700mhz.
        That’s all you need.
        A big thanks to Saurik and Cydia team for bringing freedom to our mobile devices and inspiring inovation and pulling Apple along for the ride. I only buy Cydia apps, they’re the only ones that do what I want.

  • masterV

    Thank you so much @saurik, if not for your work i would never buy an iphone! =)