Is there one number that you call all the time? Maybe you call to check on your husband, wife, mom, or dad each day?

CallNow is a jailbreak tweak that can make the hassle of searching for a specific contact a thing of the past.

Sure, the iPhone has favorites, but CallNow takes the concept of favorites to the next level.

Why is that? Well that’s because with CallNow, there is no plural interpretation of favorites. It’s favorite, as in one phone number, and that’s it…

Once CallNow is installed you’ll see a new settings section that allows you to enter a single phone number. Once you have your favorite number setup, you can then enable an Activator action to invoke the dialing of your favorite number.

Of course the Activator toggles are pretty diverse, everything from shaking, to swiping, to presses of the home button; how you choose to activate the dialing is totally up to you.

Once the dialing is activated, you will be prompted to continue with the dialing or to cancel. This is very handy to avoid accidental phone calls.

CallNow may seem like a useless tweak, but I see this being very handy if you tend to dial the same number over and over again.

The latest version of CallNow (1.6)  is not available on a Cydia repo just yet, but if your iPhone is jailbroken you can download it and install via iFile using this link.

What do you think?

  • FilippoBiga

    Hi everyone 🙂 Thanks for this post, Jeff 🙂
    CallNow will be available shortly in Cydia via the ModMyi repo.

  • Xepptizz

    This is better then cydailer/lockinfo how?

  • Hehe… the word “mate” is in the headline

  • I use it for my girlfriend all the time. Very handy indeed

    • mplsboywonder

      I use it for YOUR girlfriend as well:P

      • Xepptizz

        Who is YOUR mom :p

  • tony

    Web Server on iFile doesn’t work for me. It says http:// when installing. Any suggestions?

  • tony

    sorry it does that when initializing Web Server not when installing.

  • tony

    I guess I’ll just wait till it gets to cydia -.-

  • This is totally awesome. Like others said I use it to call my girlie or other people’s girls. Whichever fancys your fiddadle.

  • Tony, just download winscp or cyberduck if you use mac. ssh into your iPhone and copy that file to tmp.
    then open up terminal in either winscp or cyberduck and type: dpkg -i /tmp/com.filippobiga.callnow_1.1-6_iphoneos-arm.deb

  • Salvador

    Hi I use the autoinstall method with iphone explorer, reboot the phone and the app are in settings after that I set up the phone # and the activation method reboot again and it works it also has the option to send a text massege to the # you set and for sure you need to download activator from cydia to make this app to work. Iphone 3g 3.1.3 windows vista

  • Luis

    🙂 this is a new option, but to tell the true this doesn’t work any better than any other program out there, even along with activator, slideing status bar to left/shake phone/slide from boton to top, etc, to show ‘favorites windows’ is so much better than this app; and shows the number, and gives you multiple options

  • Anna

    am I missing something – or isn’t it just as fast to use the iPhone built-in ‘recents’ feature of the phone app?? If you are calling someone a lot it is right at the top anyway.