Amazon has had an “appstore” developer portal since January; a place where developers can submit mobile applications for approval and then sell them on Amazon’s website.

Bloomberg reports that Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon Inc. on March 18th over the “App Store” trademark used in their developer portal…

“ since January has started to solicit developers for a future mobile software download service, Apple said. has used “Amazon Appstore Developer Portal” and “Amazon Appstore” in connection with this service, according to the complaint.”

You may recall that Apple had filed a trademark for the term “App Store” with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office in July of 2008, and had been awarded the trademark in January of 2010. This is the same trademark Microsoft has been fighting over. Microsoft claims it to be a “generic-term“.

Apple claims it reached out to Amazon on three separate occasions demanding Amazon to rename its developer portal, but when they didn’t receive a “substantive response,” Apple decided to take it to the California Courts. The lawsuit also covers some “unspecified damages,” and Amazon has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

We’ll keep you updated once more details emerge. Until then, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

  • Greensprout

    Maybe Apple should have trademarked ‘Appstore’ and not just ‘App Store’

  • Jasper

    They are actually fighting a lot about the “App Store” but I think Apple is right. They came with it and now everyone wants to copy it. And why? Because it’s supersuccesfull. I think others should be creative and come with something new.

    • Jon Garrett

      you’re not to smart are you? Apple stole the name iphone from Netgear back in 2004/2005 !! a full 2 to 3 years before the iphone was even invented. you know what apple’s argument was? they said that people would confuse Netgear’s iphone with apple’s ipod !!

      apple had a head start selling apps so if they really wanted to protect “their” trademark they wold have done so.

      what apple really wants is total control over everything. they want no competition and they want total control over how users use their phones.

      • John

        People are just upset with how successful apple is becoming. Just like with the recent lawsuit Apple filed against Samsung, it was a necessary lawsuit to protect their innovation and development of technologies they researched.

  • Burge

    Apple can’t own every thing…it’s just a few words …other thing is apple’s is APP STORE 2 words
    amazon’s APPSTORE is one word …there not the same …So chew on that apple ……

  • Rasboi

    Stupid apple

  • appletiser

    yep was gonna say that Appstore and App Store are not the same however when you type appstore with the iphone it does try to auto correct to AppStore, maybe it should be amazon to file a suit against apple lol 🙂

    • John

      You guys are stupid, apple legally trademarked the app store name and all similar names, why didnt amazon use amazon market, or amazon appmarket. They didnt because they realize people recognize the term appstore.

  • I think the issue is that App although actually stands for App-lication – it also resonates closely with App-le – which I am sure was behind Apple initially using that terminology!

    Be interesting to see how this one pans out!!

  • iPhone Jones

    “Well the jerk store called and said they’re running out of you”
    – George Costanza

  • Manue

    What bothers me is just how stupid this. Apple didn’t like it when Microsoft started bothering them about the App Store name, but now you want to bother Amazon about it?

    Does any of that seem to make sense to people? These companies make so much money, can’t they stop being so greedy and let things be. I’m sure many of them have stolen or used other companies designs, names and products without the other company known, so how stupid does this sound?

  • Bytenapple

    Just checked out Amazon’s App Store. Seems like their golden egg laying baby may start to eat some Apple profits away.

  • asd

    im gonna make new windows store to internet… it sells apps to windows.. who is gonna support this