Last week we reported about Comex being the first to jailbreak iOS 4.3 on the iPad 2. Today we find out a bit more information about this iOS 4.3 jailbreak. In a reply to a tweet asking him what kind of exploit Comex had found in iOS 4.3, he said that he uses a userland exploit, meaning the jailbreak might be applied directly from the device, a la JailbreakMe.

Because a userland jailbreak can easily be patched via a software update, and with the rumors of iOS 4.3.1 coming in the next couple weeks, I doubt we will see Comex’s jailbreak before then…

In his tweet, Comex also refers to a bootrom exploit, which probably is i0n1c’s jailbreak we talked about a couple weeks ago. Because this type of jailbreak can only be patched via a hardware upgrade, the jailbreak community might want to save this exploit for after the iPhone 5 comes out.

Since he revealed he had successfully jailbroken an iPad 2 on iOS 4.3, we didn’t get much more information about the jailbreak. I assume this userland exploit would work with any device on iOS 4.3, but this has yet to be confirmed.

More to come as the news unfold.

  • topsy

    How long More before we see the end of Jailbreak. With all these patches from Apple. I know, we all know that Apple might be the end winner.
    But before it happens, let me savour my jailbreak. I love every-bit of it. I love Jailbreak. Long may you live JAILBREAK. You have brought life into my iphones.

    • soccerkrzy

      There is always a hole in software, so Apple won’t ever win.

      • sk@tta

        There are holes in software and there are also holes in patches so there will always be holes to exploit. Plus with new features added to iOS, holes also appear in new code. So again Apple will never win

      • Igeek


  • I hope that ios 4.3.1 doesnt come out for another 2 months also i hate the new facetime logo. Waiting for a JB over here!

    • soccerkrzy

      If you’re waiting for a JB, then why do you hope it doesn’t come out for another 2 months?

      • SillyBear

        Because logic escapes some people

  • I hope this ios update come soon, I cant wait to try the 4.3 jb in my iphone.

  • I’ve been holding off on the 4.3 update for a while, so the 4.3.1 JB will be well received it is released. Between i0n1c and Comex the JB community should be in safe hands.

  • huoh

    Hopefully the jailbreak will come soon…
    Stupid iTunes decided to update my iPod when I was off the room, have no idea what happened.

    • Koppis

      Just downgrade. ;o

      • melisa constanza

        i save my 4.2 shah blogs from the Cydia app to my email and don’t know how to retrieve it. Help

  • Georg W. Bush

    Dude I just want to Jailbreak my iPad 2 I can care less for the iPhone 4.3 Jailbreak. My iPhone 4 is on 4.2.1 and that was the worst wait for the jailbreak to come out. I bet 100% that apple will patch comex’s exploit that he found for the iPad 2 he should just release it. Evan when the iPhone 5 comes out they will still have an exploit in there to, nothing is made perfect.

  • Georg W. Bush

    Everyone DreamBoard is free in Cydia grab it before the fix it.

  • monkers

    Hardware JB’s. No worries on IOS ver. Fantastic, just what we need. After the very long wait for 4.2.1 I am happy to read that. Do you think Apple would change a chip inside the IPhone 5 at this stage? Just to block the hole? Not sure, I guess it’s possible. The ramifications of changing the hardware setup could be negligible or it could be vast. I for one am still eternally grateful for JB’s, I am also mindful that as the IPhone becomes even more powerful that the JB’s will take longer to happen. Such is the nature of the beast. The IPhone is still the best bit of tech kit I have ever owned and, if you are like me, I have owned LOADS of gadgets,toys,nonsense to last a lifetime. I use it every day, multiple times a day and the fact it’s JBroken just pushes its value to me up even further. So HURRAH for Apple, HURRAH for the IPhone and HURRAH for all the great people that continue to jbreak and crack the hard/software on it. I just wish I could make a living off it too! like some of you people do. That would complete the circle.

    • Georg W. Bush

      I’m with you pal.

  • azharhamzahya


  • Daniel

    I think Apple is waiting for the jailbreak to release 4.3.1 so they can patch it right away 🙁

  • Memo

    Even if he doesn’t release it now; it probably will be patched in teh next update anyways

  • hxclos

    Is it me or is Apple releasing updates left and right for iOS 4? 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3, and now 4.3.1.

    Anyways I can’t wait to jailbreak my iPad 2. It’s pretty boring without it :/

  • I was so anxious to get an iPad 2 but without the jailbreak it wouldn’t feel complete so as hard as it was (lol) I will wait for the jb then buy the 2! Besides I don’t want to give these idiots on craigslist any money some people are selling them for 1200! How retarded are these people?
    I saw on YouTube this girl got paid 900$ for her place in line now I love apple but I’m not a funking monkey to stand in line or pay over retail for not having patience.(end rant)

    • Gorge W. Bush

      Dude go to best buy youbcan reserv one and you will get it within a week. It’s really boring having an iPad 2 without a JB. Come on comex release it, it’s going to get patched anyways.

  • jay

    i have factory unlock how i can install cydia……… please help

    • Saleh

      factory unlock not factory jailbroken

  • Thanks for telling us with good manner

  • jay

    so there is way to install cydia? mine is 4.3 firmware

  • Scott

    Jay you have much to learn. Read the jailbreak and unlock section of this blog, then ask questions. Its a pretty good place to start.

  • Elisabeth

    Any news guys about an unlock? Is someone working on it? Thanks.

  • Annika

    Hello! Annyone know if it is safe to update to 4.3.1? I dont depend on unlock, only jailbreak. or should I wait for Comex release? I have an iPhone 4 wif 4.2.1 🙂

    • Robert

      My guess is:

      10 wait a few weeks
      20 go to 10

  • Gorge W. Bush

    @Annika 4.3.1 is not out yet. It’s only 4.3. iOS 4.3.1 will be out in 2 weeks.

    • Annika

      Oh, sorry my bad, I meant 4.3. I’ll wait, thanks 🙂

  • Echostation

    MY GOD PLEASE!!!!!!!!! My Ipad 2 is more limited then my Ipad 1 that is jailbroken. Im going crazy looking everyday for a jailbreak. Its kind of like the morning paper, but more depressing. Why not just release the 4.3 JB that you were so happy to show the world!?!?! If they patched your exploit in 4.3.1, wouldnt that mean you have nothing to loose by releasing the 4.3 JB now?

  • Thedude

    I still have a 3GS that’s jailbroken running 4.2.1 why would I want to upgrade to 4.3.1

    • Jason Masters

      You shouldn’t just wait till 5.0 that should be the next biggest improvement!

  • Allen

    When will we see a userland jailbreak for the 4.3 firmware on iPhone 4? I used on my 3GS, and it worked perfectly! I just upgraded my equipment and I’m already questioning my decision…

  • victor

    wat happend to jail break me