Still suffering from the antennagate problem with the iPhone 4? How about spotty coverage on AT&T?

A strange and inventive method will supposedly help your reception strength. Next time you find yourself with crummy coverage, put your iPhone in a glass. You probably want to make sure it’s empty first…

Sounds too easy doesn’t it? Why in the world would the iPhone 4 get better reception in a drink glass?

Well, we’re not really sure.

But TheNextWeb retells an experience that demonstrates the power of the glass,

“Yesterday I was having dinner at the famous and very popular Pasta e Basta in Amsterdam.

We turned up without a reservation on a Saturday evening but since it was just me and my daughter we got seats at the bar. The waiter behind the bar was extremely kind and started the evening by offering me a glass of Prosecco, on the house. After a few minutes I wanted to check in and maybe even tweet something so I grabbed my iPhone but immediately noticed I had no signal. Not even one bar, just a very depressing “No signal” warning.

Apparently I looked disappointed because the waiter came over right away and asked me “Can’t get a signal?”. I nodded and shrugged. Oh well. Then he offered “Do you want a glass?”. I figured he offered me another drink to cope with my disappointment but as I hadn’t even touched the Prosecco yet I thanked him and declined. But then he said “No, I mean for your iPhone!.”

Now I was confused. What the hell would I need a glass for my iPhone for? He smiled and said “It improves the reception. Here, look!” and he pointed to a row of phones, stuck in glasses, on the top shelf behind the bar.

The waiter gave me glass, I put my iPhone in, reluctantly, and lo and behold: I got 3 bars and no 3G but some GPRS. Not perfect but a huge improvement from the ‘No signal’ message I got earlier.”

There’s not much you can do with an iPhone in a glass, but it’s cool to know that such a simple solution exists for reception problems.

It makes sense that a glass would act sort of like a mini satellite dish, but I’m sure this DIY method doesn’t work in all cases. Who knows, if you’re in desperate need of reception, this trick might work for you.

Let us know if this glass method works on your iPhone 4. Just make sure to drink whatever is in the glass first.

UPDATE: Reader Jason sent in two screenshots comparing his signal strength before and after he placed his iPhone 4 in a glass. Not much of a difference, but still noticeable.

  • Sotoy

    Haha… Nice articel 

  • agentk98

    Gotta try that!

  • Burge

    This might just work with any phone…I’ll can test this 2row at work ..very bad signal …

  • Radu

    haha cool

  • illusion

    Worked for me years ago on the iphone 3G even 😉

  • Kendall

    This really works, I have marginal signal at my house (3-4 bars), putting the phone in a glass raised it to five bars instantly. Kind of makes you yearn for an all-glass Cinderella case.

    • Painman

      I hate to say this, but for iPhone 4 users 3-4 bars is not marginal, that’s actually a great reception

  • TechManDem

    Useful. But… How do you use your phone while its in a glass? Soon as you remove it you’re back to no signal.


    • Kendall

      For one thing if you have headphones with a mic you can talk on the phone while it’s in a glass.

      For data uses, you can just start a screen up then put it in the glass quickly until it fetches the data it needs, great for something like maps or running a sports app.

      This is a really nice solution for being inside some buildings that degrade signal. And as noted by another responder, it probably works on any phone.

  • anon

    maybe it doesnt have to be in a glass cup
    maybe if someone makes a glass iphone protector case (with optional glass screen protector) i would definitely buy it haha assuming it actually works

    • dude

      id break hella easy….

    • Micke

      Doesn’t really work like that. It has to be a spherical container made out of glass, like a drinking glass, or maybe a jar.

      The container then works in such a way that it “catches” the signal and trancends it to the phone. Like your normal satellite dish.

      It’s not the material in itself that boosts reception, but the shape of it does.

      • techtard

        the problem isnt with receiving .. its with transmitting

        your phone only pushes something like 500mW of power … most reception issues are actually transmission problems because of this low power

  • Weebsurfer

    Freakish really when you consider the majority of the outer construction of the iPhone 4 is glass itself. Wonder if its some sort of static field between multiple glass objects increasing signal efficiency. Gah! My heads gonna sploded thinking about this one too much.

  • ml

    It went from 1 bar to 3 for me

  • ml

    It went from 1 bar to 3 for me.

    • techtard

      did it go to 3 bar from 1 for you?

  • techtard

    did it go to 3 bar from 1 for you ?

  • This is the thing i like iphone and iphone blog

  • shaun

    yeh workerd great, dont get any coverage in my room, now doing this can get a few!

  • I think company take good steps

  • Arjuman

    I should try this at my office! I barely get a 3g signal there! If it improves the signal so that it wont switch back to gprs i will do it because i need to use this for tethering with mywi 4.0