One of the missing features in the iPhone is the ability to customize sounds on the device. Compared to the competition, this is a field where the iPhone fails, badly.

Enter ToneFXs. ToneFXs 2.0 is a jailbreak app that lets you customize all the sounds on your iPhone. That includes anything from custom push notification alerts, custom email alerts, custom email alerts for specific contacts, custom text message alerts for specific numbers, custom calendar alerts and much more.

Not only can you customize iOS sounds to the fullest, the app also allows you to shuffle multiple tones for all the alerts. You can also create your own tones by visiting Efiko Software’s website and downloading the free ToneFXsCreator.

Features include:

  • Custom Push Notification Sounds
  • Custom Text Message alerts for specific contacts
  • Custom New Email alerts for specific contacts
  • ToneFXsCreator (now works independent of iTunes )
  • Improved arrangement of tones
  • Support for your existing ringtones
  • Support for iPad
  • Option for silent tones
  • New U.I.
  • New Tone Trigger engine
  • Custom Button tap sounds
  • Custom Open and Close App sounds
  • Custom Table Cell Tap sounds
  • Shuffle Push Notification Tones
  • Shuffle Text Message tones
  • Shuffle Email Tones

ToneFXs requires an iPhone, iPod touch running on iOS 4.0+. ToneFX’s 2.0 is available in the Cydia Store for $4.99. The app also includes a free trial so you can try it before you buy it. Users who bought ToneFXs 1.0 (Lite) will be able to purchase the 2.0 Pro version at the reduced price of $1.99.

Have you tried the new version of ToneFXs?

  • Juan

    I like the apps this developer makes… a lot. However, the developer himself is rather shady.

    This update is most excellent and well worth the $2 update fee.

  • Christopher A Williams

    I have Tone FX 1.0 and I <3 IT!!! and the upgrade is only $1.99 for me.

  • Kev

    Tis good. Been waiting to be able to customise sms alerts. Yet another reason to jailbreak. And worth the $1.99 upgrade. (£1.29 for me)

  • IndiePhoenix

    There is no option for trial version!

  • mena

    It sounds like a great app, so I went ahead and downloaded it for the free trial the article mentioned. However, when opening the app it asks me for either a registration code or a Cydia verification, which ‘cannot be confirmed’. I’m guessing this means no free trial after all?

  • nmdelrio

    I’ve always loved ToneFX since the start. I love 2.0 even better and upgraded straightaway without looking at the new features.

    Just one problem though… I use customized ringtones for contacts. When I add a contact’s number for a ToneFX ringtone, ToneFX truncates the “+” prefix, thus it cannot be recognize by ToneFX. For example the number is +111 2222 3333. ToneFX picks up only 111 2222 3333, and when this contact calls, the customized ringtone for him does not ring, instead the general default is used. The “+” is required for IDD calls, and in this case 111 is the country code. The customized ringtone used to work in native iOS.

    I’m looking forward to a fix for this in future updates.

    • nmdelrio

      Ok silly me. I reset the ringtone in iOS contacts to default, now the ToneFX contact ringtones work. Great!

  • Steve

    Do we need to add a new source? i can’t browse or search for this new 2.0 version

    • Kickstar13

      No new source. It’s available via the Bigboss Repo (which is in Cydia by default). Just search for it in Cydia and it will show up.

  • Dadditude

    I downloaded it, looking to give it a try before deciding to upgrade from 1.0. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the free trial was a no-show. Pity.

  • jameslau

    i’ve already set the tones via the tonefx, but i’ve found that the ring volume actually links with the media volume, instead of the default ringtone volume, does anyone know how i could fix this?
    thanks in advance.

  • Bytenapple

    Haven’t tried ToneFXs 2.0 out yet but looking forward to it. Looks like the developer went all out on this one.

  • Hal ulrich

    After upgrading to 2.0 the vibration of all ringtones/texmessages only last for a few milliseconds.

    Anyone else experiencing this too?

  • Michael

    This app conflicts with iBlacklist. It still makes sounds/vibrates if you have sounds turned off of those contacts in iBlacklist!
    This app conflicts with iBlacklist. It still makes sounds/vibrates if you have sounds turned off of those contacts in iBlacklist!
    This app conflicts with iBlacklist. It still makes sounds/vibrates if you have sounds turned off of those contacts in iBlacklist!

  • Pete

    Its a nice upgrade – but not a straight upgrade.
    By that I mean *many* features are added, but some are changed too.
    For instance, there used to be a ringtone shuffle feature that appears to be gone now.
    There is now the ability to set different text tones per user.
    And different email tones per user!!
    But I do note that if you are using a custom email tone and playing your iPod it will stop the music – need to fix that!
    And there may be some kind of weird crossover to ringtones – when I was in my car the bluetooth thought someone was calling me when email came in – again uncool!!
    Overall a good upgrade though, anything that is wrong can be fixed.

    • Pete

      As of v2.02 bugs with iPod stopping and looping ringtones are fixed – it’s a great package that makes your iPhone unique!

  • Paul

    Alot of Bugs …I set a notification on 2 or more tones and I get notified by that same app with the tones, it automatically puts my phone on safe mode were I have to restart it . Sleep button doesn’t work when i am viewing my lockscreen. It awakes but doesn’t sleep unless i unlock it then press the sleep button for it to work. Also the play button on the multitask bar for the iPod is shaded out grey where I can’t even press play to start up my iPod. The biggest bug Is while listing to the iPod and I get a notification of some sort with the custom tone the iPod app crashes which causes the music to stop playing right away.

  • nmdelrio

    The new features are great…but only if it works. Tsk-tsk. I had to revert to ToneFX 1.0 Lite.

    • nmdelrio

      Finally, the latest update fixed my issues. Fantastic!

  • Doren

    I used 1.0 version perfectly for over a year but after I upgraded to 2.0 all my vibrations (SMS, emails, notifications, etc…) are like 2-3 times longer than before – even after installing all upgrades too. Anybody else with the similar issue? Solutions? Thanx!

  • Simon

    Nice idea, but completely bug ridden.

    Half the time the tones I have chosen aren’t played at all, with the default just being played instead. The other half of the time, BOTH the tone I have chosen and the default are played at the same time.

    Custom SMS alerts do not work, with the default sound just being played no matter who the message is from.

    I really want to like this, but it needs an update drastically to justify why I spent that money on it.

    • FixPlease :-(

      I agree, this needs a great big fix. Many things just don’t work as they should especially custom tones for contacts.

  • Pete

    Just as a follow up I found that the way to fix the problems I had after installing 2.0 as an upgrade to 1.0 was to go back into Cydia, select ‘modify’ and then select ‘re-install’. Once a reboot was done it was golden, must have had some vestiges of 1.0 left after the upgrade.

    • Simon

      I’ll try that, and give it a proper reboot, cheers

      • Simon

        Nope, still doesn’t work properly 🙁

  • Pete

    Sorry to hear that, Simon – you might try contacting the dev, I found them to be pretty responsive to bug reports. FWIW I am using version 2.0.4 of ToneFX from the BigBoss rep, and am on version 4.3.1 jailbroken by redsn0w. Saw those problems before, but the reinstall fixed it for me, although I would say that I went back to 1.0 before re-upgrading to 2.0.4 and subsequently re-installing.

    • Simon

      Thanks for the info mate, will do

  • Anonymous

    While I loved ToneFX 1.0….2.0 has one major issue that I’ve reported to them at least 4x now over the last 6-7 months yet they’re still at v. 2.04 and have done nothing to fix it or even reply back to me.

    Back on ToneFX 1.0…if I got a text while using Audiogalaxy, iCabMobile or SleepMachine…the volume would lower, my text alert sound would play and then the volume of the app would go back to normal.

    Now in 2.0 it actually STOPS the music/sounds when i get a text and it plays my text alert. I have to manually open the app and hit play to get the music/sounds to start playing again. And that can get annoying if I’m having a long text convo with someone. It does seem to work fine if I have something playing through Safari or iPod..its just other apps where the text alert stop the music/sound from playing.

    Unless there’s a work around…i’m annoyed that I spent the money to upgrade, instead of going the easy route and getting a cracked version, only to not have it work correctly.