has put together a riveting video to portray the dangers the outside world has that threaten your precious new iPad 2. Grant it, your iPad 2 will most likely not be shot with a shotgun but it does entice you to pay the extra bucks to protect your new iDevice. Watch the video below and enjoy the slow motion explosions!

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    This is idiocy! There are people that can’t get an iPad due to problems in Japan and low supply, people that stand in line every morning at the apple store just to hear that they didnt get their shipment in, people, like myself, that have to wait days to exchange their defective iPad for a better one and here we are watching some idiot shooting what 2-3 iPads just because he wanted to make an impressive ad?

    Well, I really hope this ad will reduce the profits of ZAGG sales and make people realize that it’s because if companies like ZAGG they still don’t have what they are so impatient about getting.