We all know you can quickly and easily become a millionaire simply by developing a few iPhone apps, right? Of course I’m being a tad sarcastic here but when the App Store was first launched, making iPhone apps was the new gold rush.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. With a few hundred thousand apps in the App Store, being a successful app developer is harder than ever, and it’s not going to get any easier.

The folks over at InstantShift created a nice infographics to illustrate how to make a million dollars selling apps, in just 581,395 easy steps…

Click on the image for full size

What are you still doing here? Go work on your new app 😉

  • Phosphorus

    What is “Tapuous”?

    • Eric

      The makers of tap tap revenge. Wow you are out of touch.

      • Koppis

        I thought it was Tapuolus. Oh well.

    • Eric

      The makers of tap tap revenge.

      • mngstr

        I thought it was Tapulous.(?)


    • AmpliHelix


  • Burge

    You mist a few Nos of those steps

  • I don’t mean to be the one who keeps correcting your posts Sebastien, but according to the article, you can make a million dollars in just 58,398 steps, rather than 581,395, which is the number of copys you have to sell of a $2.49 app to make the million.

    • Lost iPhone Finder

      The developers don’t get all the money. Apple takes some of it. Developer only get 70%

  • Try to enjoy the post instead of trying to find errors…

    @Taylor Harris if you read the post completely, you will notice that steps 1-3 are developing, submiting and selling the app. Steps 4- 58,398 are simply repeating step 3. If you do the math, you’re the one mistaken, not the original post’s author.

    • Taylor Harris

      You know what’s worse than someone who’s trying to correct someone being wrong? Someone who tries to correct someone who corrected someone who is wrong.

      • Anon

        Wow. U are a douche

  • I’m not going to start a discussion. It was clearly a typo, and the image itself explains the steps correctly. I’m just saying that instead of finding mistakes, people should enjoy the article.

  • Darrin

    Taylor simply didn’t do the math with all the numbers needed because he didn’t read enough of the article to get the correct number. The image clearly states that it’s $1.72 (developers cut) x 581,395 which would come just .60 cents shy or a cool million. I must also note that this is simply something Sebastian shared with us, he didn’t create it. So Taylor wouldn’t be correcting Sebastian if he was correct as much as he would be correcting instantshift. Just saying.

    Great article. Thanks