I saw a similar photo online yesterday so I decided to try it to see if it actually worked… and it does! This all works thanks to the 21 magnets that are in the Smart Cover. I tried to pull a little bit on the iPad to make sure it was not going anywhere and you can really tell it’s relatively safe. The magnets are strong enough that your iPad is not going to slide down. Likewise, the magnets that hold the Smart Cover to the iPad are pretty strong too.

Somewhat useless but fun to try.

  • XepptizZ

    It really stays on well? So are the smartcover and the opad both equipped with magnets? I believe that in the keynote they did say it was in the ipad aswell, but i found it highly unlikely. I can’t believe the hinge is so strong.
    Also something i really wanna know, have you had problems yet with small metal bits like metal shavings getting stuck on the ipad? I could imagin that be be quite a disaster.

  • This is pretty cool must say. Thank you for sharing