For the 5th time in a row, Apple is ranking #1 in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by JD Power. The iPhone scored 795 out of 1,000 points, which is slightly lower than the 800 points it had scored in the same survey a few months ago.

Closely followed by Motorola (763) and HTC (762), the iPhone performs particularly well in ease of operation, operating system, features and physical design. This score is obviously not a surprise to anyone who owns an iPhone…

Palm, Nokia, Samsung, and BlackBerry scored below the industry average, which makes me want to point my finger at them and say “ha ha”.


  • JimmyK

    This just confirms what I’ve known for ages……. Blackberry’s are officially shit!

  • Xepptizz

    I forgot palm actually still exists. They still make phones? Poorly evidently though.

  • Micke

    Does not surprise me. Bought my first iDevice, the iPhone 4, precisely one month ago, and it has yet to disappoint me.

    The fact that it just *works* never ceases to amaze me. I Will never return to the Android scene, my Legend caused me a great number of headaches.

  • Al

    I will never ever buy another phone that’s not called an iPhone. The iPhone is the best phone out there. Once you own an iPhone you will never go back!

    • Amen. iPhone forever.

  • Mcsteven


  • Zunair

    where is sony ericsson.

  • Igeek

    Hmmmm apple has best quality phones…

  • That is why i use iphone then smartphone.

  • The main reason of iphone higher is good looking and function of iphone

  • Ever since I laid my hands on an iPod Touch, I said to myself, I got to have this device. It’s simply neat. Then, came iPhone which was based on an iPod Touch design. I was hooked then, as I am now.

    iPhone : “It simply the best!!!”

  • Kev

    An iphone 4 is ok. A jailbroken iphone 4 is all I ever wanted. And when celeste comes out on cydia will complete my dreams. But a non jailbroken iphone is not enough for me.

  • Sandy880

    There is no smartphone like iPhone
    iPhone is the best phone I ever used..

  • Gio

    iphone is simple, beautiful, functional, all together, not like other smartphones that u should be a programmer or smth like that to understand where is the wifi turning function located:))) i think that when you hold iphone and then any other phone you will think that any other phone compared to iphone was made B.C.

  • Mohammad Neyaz Hasan

    I gues survey is right….droid is casing on speed, iphone on interface.

  • Medali

    I never tried Android-based phones to compare. But having used the iPhone 4 for about 4 months now, all what I can say is that I’m very happy: great look, great performance, great image quality, great functionalities, and more importantly, this small device just keeps working and never needs to be rebooted.

  • Ed

    How is a C+ score 5 circles?
    Based on a 1,000 point scale the iPhone did marginally better than the average.
    (Apple) 79.5% vs. (Moto/HTC) 76.3%.

    OMG iPhone scored 3 points better on a 100 point scale…the difference is almost nothing and yet you give one 5 bubbles and the other 3 bubbles :\

    Anyone that can count to 10 can see that.