I am a devoted Gmail user, and have been for a long time. I had a Yahoo! Mail account years ago. I switched over to Gmail because at that time, I couldn’t sync my Yahoo! Calendar to my newly purchased iPhone. Even though the calendar issue has since been remedied, they keep giving me good reasons to stay away.

Earlier this year, a report claimed that Yahoo! Mail was the cause of false data usage by smartphone users. In the land where the unlimited plan is becoming more extinct, this could possibly amount to hundreds of dollars in overage fees. The study noted that Apple iPhone and Windows Phone users were among the most affected…

Programmer Rafael Rivera found the culprit to be a bug inside Yahoo! Mail servers. When the iPhone would go to check for new Yahoo! Mail, the server would return way more information than needed. If you checked your email a few times a day, this extra data added up quickly.

After almost 3 months, Yahoo! has finally stepped in and fixed the issue. Rivera confirms on his blog that Yahoo! Mail no longer sends full message headers when the smartphone requests mail. Instead, a short sequence of digits (Message ID) is sent to minimize the amount of data transferred .

Has anyone used Yahoo Mail and noticed this issue? Or has everyone pretty much switched to Gmail or another provider? Tell us below!

  • Doug

    I use yahoo and am on a limited but almost always have access to wifi so usage isn’t really an issue. I had a gmail account way back when it was a start up and invite only. I just don’t like googles big brother methods of tracking and storing everything you do

  • EmperorXavier

    who cares about blasted yahoo.. they suck!

  • Norak

    I have noticed a drop in my data usage from last months bill to this months bill and was wondering why. this may be the reason as I check my usage daily.

  • Back in December, my data usage shot up to something like 4.5GB. Before that I never used more than 1.5GB and most of the time I don’t use more than 1GB per month. I thought I had left open an online game or something. But I’m pretty sure it was Yahoo mail because I have that being pushed. Since then, my data has normalized.