The white iPhone 4 is more fiction than fact these days. After it was shown off during the original iPhone 4 announcement, the white device has been yet to be seen again. It started off as a two-week delay. Then Apple realized how serious the problem was and the weeks turned into months.

After several months in hiding, the white iPhone 4 might be making a come back in the near future. Although there’s still no official release date, evidence is piling up that we may soon see this mythical gadget…

In February, we reported that Vodafone had a white iPhone 4 listed on their website as coming soon. Last week we mentioned a report that the white iPhone could ship as early as next month.

What’s the latest white iPhone 4 gossip? MacRumors is reporting today that one of their readers was poking around in the iTunes 10.2 resource files and discovered an icon for a white CDMA iPhone 4. It’s the icon that shows up in the ‘Summary’ window in iTunes when your iPhone is connected.

With so many rumors flying about this device, I try to take each one with a grain a salt. Not to mention with Apple’s iPhone 5 just a few months away, who really cares at this point if a white version launches?

Now that Verizon users can chime in, would you purchase a white iPhone if it launched in April? Tell us below!

  • Lucas K.

    Really, there’s no point anymore. Just wait 3-4 months and let iPhone 5 come out. Maybe there will be a white version of that.

    • David

      Wait wait and wait.. I’ll rather just wait for the iPhone 5, will save a couple bucks 🙂

  • Faester

    White iPhone 4 will become the lucrative special edition for girls with rich parents.. Apple will release it before iPhone 5, probably in April, at a higher price than black iPhone 4, maybe even at a price equal to or higher than black and white iPhone 5. It’s like the D&G Motorola. Nobody knew what we needed it for, but somehow it sold because of its exclusive looks (though I don’t know how well, but I’ve seen a few)
    Weird strategy, but I think that’s how they’re going to do it.

    • Xepptizz

      It’s not very apple to charge more for it. They always pride themselfs at keeping the prices similar with every upgrade instead, macs aside.

  • It’s coming, it’s coming! Yeeehhaaaa 🙂

  • Tim Ling

    We know that the white iPhone 4 is not yet in production and many people who are not an iPhone 4 users might have the option of purchasing one in the future.

    But I cannot grasp why there is still a big fuss about the white iPhone 4. It will likely still suffer from the same antenna problems and is certainly no different in specifications from the original black one. We see the white iPhone 4 pictures and price tags all the time, no need to report it.

    I am not pointing at iDB or any other blogging media in general. It’s just silly that every little thing that has anything to do with potential iPhone 4 releases gets unneeded attention.

    • kokhean

      They are just going to cover it with a case too.

  • Thanks for telling us

  • Bluebonnet

    I am not sure I see the fuss about the white phone either.

  • H

    i would rather wait for iphone 5 than purchase the white one .. although i was dying to have it !!
    but my thoughts if they didn’t launch it in april .. it’s gonna be a white iphone 5 instead of having the white now .. when it’s too late ..!