invisibleSHIELD case for iPad

You just spent $500+ on a new iPad, don’t you think it’d be smart to spend a few more bucks on a nice screen and casing protection? That’s what the ZAGG Invisible Shield has to offer. I’m a big believer in ZAGG products especially the Invisible Shield, which offers great protection for the front and the back of your iPad.

The price isn’t bad either. $40 for both the front and the back, or $30 for either the front or the back. I’m currently using Apple’s Smart Cover which does a great job at protecting the screen but leaves the back of the iPad vulnerable to virtually anything (especially that coffee table I usually put my iPad on), so I know I’m going to go with the InvisibleShield for the back only.

If you think you might benefit from this, make sure to buy your InvisibleShield from here and enter coupon code zagg20 to get 20% off your order.

  • eKsiSLe

    Is it going to still have the orange peel effect on the back? If so, they could offer it at 90% off and it wouldn’t matter; I’m not buying!

  • Neil Tundi

    I am a big fan of Zagg InvisibleShields, I use to have it on my Nokia phones and still have it on all my iPhones. The best part is, you can get it replaced after a year or so by just paying the shipping charges because of their lifetime warranty.

  • I feel the same way, Sebastien What about the InvisIble Shield interfering with the way the Smart Cover snaps onto the iPad’s side edge?

    • Good question about the shield and the smart cover. I’ll have to look into it.

  • Z

    Hey Sebastien,

    The Smart Cover really does the great job in protecting the screen, you’re absolutely correct there. I doubt there will be any conflict with the way it covers the screen when the shield is applied. A good question is, if the full body protection is installed, what the affect would that be on the smart cover’s ability to snap onto the iPad.

    Regardless the case, the back of the iPad truly is exposed and needs to be protected. I was hoping apple would come up with some solution for that, but they seem to have enough problems as it is to be inventing new covers for the iPad that would indeed protect the back.

    Let us know how it went with your installation of the shield, as I have never up till now used shields for the back of a device. May be a video tutorial could help with that and encourage me on getting one =)

  • Ray Turner

    Discount is worthless!! net saving of 5 cents.
    postage free with retail price of $29, discount is $6.oo then they add $5.95 S&H