Here at iDB, we’ve certainly warned you of the dangers in upgrading to iOS 4.3. Until today, that warning was only meant for jailbreakers. Well, it looks like even stock users have a reason to hold off.

Several iLounge editors are reporting severe battery drain in their iDevices, after upgrading to iOS 4.3. Their experiences coincide with users across several Apple Support threads, dedicated  to this very topic…

Some users attributed the poor battery life to auto-lock issues, causing the screen to stay on for hours at a time. The problem seems to be affecting iPhones and the iPod touch 4G. Though not everyone is experiencing these headaches, I know my amazing battery life is worth too much to risk it.

Users on the Apple forums are reporting that turning off location services and wifi doesn’t resolve the issue, but they may have a fix. Several posters claim to have seen success with performing a restore of the iDevice, and choosing not to restore it from a previous backup.

Is anyone on iOS 4.3 experiencing this issue? Or is everyone still waiting on an untethered jailbreak? Sound off below!

  • __AF

    I’m waiting for the Jailbreak. Gotta have SBSettings & biteSMS…

    • Woot! biteSMS!

    • Lucas K.



    • Jon Garrett

      Im waiting for an Android phone I like, then I wont have to worry about a jailbreak.

    • James

      All about lockinfo

  • waitin’ for unt.JB

  • Pam

    Wow, I hadn’t heard that. I did update my iPhone to 4.3 when I got it, just because. But the battery life has been great so far. Of course, all I have to compare it to is a 3G, which had pretty lousy battery life 🙂 Though it took 36 hours for my battery to drain down to 19%, and that was using it pretty often for games and texting, with 4.3iOS.

  • Jazz

    Waiting for Untethered from GreenPoison … I need SBSettings and Notifier!

  • Waiting for the new jb untethered. Gotta have all my stuff working and compatible

  • Woody dog

    Waiting on jb. I’ll wait a week or two after it comes out to make sure everything is ok

  • Jason Masters

    Do they have sb settings for iPad? Also is there a app jailbreak or stock that enables texting on a 3G iPad?

    • Burge

      Yes to both …

      • Burge

        Sorry ..jailbreak…SMS

      • Jason Masters

        Which app for the texting on the 3G and can you use the AT&T sim card that comes with or would you have to swap it?

      • Burge

        Don’t know about swapping sim…dont think you have too.. I’ll try and find what its called… I’ll be back ..

      • Burge

        Got it’s called swirly messages for iPad 3G …its from the same dev that gave us the first mms on our iPhones …it’s $12.00 …

    • Yes TextFree

  • I have noticed a major drain on my battery on my iPhone after I upgraded to 4.3.

  • Raymond

    After upgrading the phone battery drains even more

  • Al

    Like others I’ve noticed a major drain on battery on my iPhone 4. Haven’t tried a restore yet, but may give it a go later.

  • Derrek bays

    I have the 3GS and updated to the 4.3 and yes it absolutely kills my battery! I have to charge it twice as often now! I am curios to jailbreak it when an untethered version is out, will that help out with battery life or just allow me more use of my phone?

  • Derrek bays

    I have the 3GS and updated to the 4.3 and yes it absolutely kills my battery! I have to charge it twice as often now! I am curios to jailbreak it when an untethered version is out, will that help out?

  • james

    On a forum I post on, someone had this issue. It turned out that Skype was starting up and running when he turned his phone on. Shutting Skype down stopped the massive battery drain.

    • Parkupine

      Definitely a battery drain related to skype. I upgraded to 4.3 with the tethered jb a few days ago and actually found my battery lasted longer. Yesterday I installed sbsettings and MobileSubstrate and everything was still fine.

      This morning I left for work with my iPhone4 at 100%. I opened skype and stitcher on the bus and forgot to close them (I had just set skype to be excluded from ‘remove background’ last night) so they ran idle in my multitasker. I just checked after reading this article… in just over 3 hours my phone drained from 100% to 35%… and all i did was listen to about 30 minutes of a podcast in stitcher on the way to work with the screen locked… WOW! Need to keep skype closed!!

  • Juan

    holding off. Springtomize is too rad. then again, so are the rest of my installed tweaks. I, for one, never jump to update my iPhone.

  • PhittyPois0n

    Waiting for the JB, cant loose my apps and cydia mods…

  • Noobiphone

    Absolutely kills battery, wait for magic Comex

  • Waiting for untethered jb too

  • SillyBear

    Still sitting on 4.1 and that prob won’t change until we see what iOS5 has to offer.

    • Jessie Sanchez

      Same here, haven’t had a reason to update yet.

  • a4rocks

    Noticing huge battery drains on my 4th gen iPod touch too. Battery life has almost been reduced by 2 times since I upgraded to iOS 4.3. Apple should release an update soon as there are quite a few nagging bugs in this release.

  • AppleBits

    Still on iP4 ver 4.1. BUT – got the iPad 2…which is on 4.3…and the battery SUX! I charged it up to 100%, and started a movie (about a 2 hour one). The movie is almost over, and my battery is already down to 78%.
    Now if you look at Apple’s website…they say the iPad2 will give you something like a whole night of movie-watching. Oh…I don’t think so!
    Yesterday it was charged up to 100%, and without even using it at all…all day long, it was down to 98% by the evening. I don’t have it j/b. No major apps running in the background…including Facetime being turned OFF, no bluetooth, nada going on. Haven’t even set up the 3G yet. And wifi is set to not search. Like I said…so far it SUX on the battery.
    My iPad 1 lasted for EVER. I could surf on that thing all afternoon and late into the eve…and still have over 95% on it!! I miss my iPad 1. 🙁

  • David Shults

    My battery life is draining about twice as fast even when it’s in lock mode. I charged it to 90% at night and woke up and it was 60%!!!

    • AppleBits

      Come to think of it…my iP4 did a massive battery drain I think after I updated to 4.1 back in the day. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was running. It took a total reset to fix it. Did a full restore like new (via a SHSH saved), then re-jailbroke, then re-added all my apps. And after that, the battery worked great again.
      Maybe I need to restore my ipad 2…… :P~

  • Ian

    I’m using the tethered JB on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3. I installed all my normal tweaks and the patched version of MobileSubstrate for iOS 4.3, and my battery life has been great as usual. I have skype installed, I just make sure I close it completely when done using it.

    • SteveF

      I’ve had the same experience with tethered 4.3 as Ian. Battery life is good.

  • mohgui

    SBSettings, BiteSMS and Lockinfo… where’s the untethered JB???

  • Zac Massey

    OMG! I KNEW it was iOS 4.3!!! And I literally JUST got through giving my iPhone 4 to the FedEx guy to send it to Apple so they could do a replacement… I know one thing… They BETTER have a fix in iOS 4.3.1 … Or I’m going to switch to a different phone in the meantime…

  • Hugo

    I’m using snowbreeze 2.3beta3 jailbreak for iOS 4.3 .I find that my ipod touch 4g battery drain so fast especially when i playing games..then i downgrade my ipod firmware back to 4.2.1 and use greenpois0n jailbreak. My ipod touch battery did last long. So i think iOS 4.3 might caused my ipod battery draining like crazy. Apple better fix this problem and untill then,i should stay away from iOS 4.3 ..

  • I updated my 4th gen touch to 4.3 and noticed BETTER battery life. I use my ipod with its brightness on high, email updates every 30 minutes. And I use VPN to get on facebook at school (but i don’t know if that hurts my battery life). My battery is doing awesome with the new update. I wonder why…?

  • I updated my 4th gen touch to 4.3 and noticed BETTER battery life. I use my ipod with its brightness on high, email updates every 30 minutes. And I use VPN to get on facebook at school (but i don’t know if that hurts my battery life). My battery is doing awesome with the new update. I wonder why?

  • conkerz

    applebits – if your Touch only lost 2% all day with no usage, I don’t understand what your problem is? If the day is roughly 8 hours – then you’d get about 320 hours in standby losing 2% every 8 hours.

    Seems that your battery life is perfectly normal??

    My Touch 3G on the other hand is terrible. No usage with everything turned off (push, fetch, notifications and no apps running) and I’m losing 20% in 4 hours, which equals about 16 hours in standby from a full charge compared with your 320 hours!

    I’ve restored it as a new device, twice, and nothing. I took it to the Apple store where they ran some diagnostics on it and found the battery draining much too fast, so they replaced it. The next one was the same, so they replaced it again. But it’s made no difference at all, which is why I’m sure it must be ios 4.3 causing the problem, and not the actual battery.

    Right now, I’m carrying out the ‘battery test’ as suggested by Apple, which is to import a CD at 128aac or 160mp3, turn off auto-brightness, turn off all apps, set volume to the middle, turn EQ and sound check OFF – and then plug in some headphones and put the imported album on ‘repeat all’ – and then wait to see how long it takes before the battery dies.

    I’ll post again when the test is finished. I should get around 30 hours according to Apple, since I’m carrying out the test exactly as they stated. However, I imagine the battery will die in about 10 hours!

    • AppleBits

      conkerz – I didn’t say anything about a Touch. I don’t even own one. Reread my posts. I referred to my iPhone 4, my iPad 2, and my iPad 1.
      Since my post, I’ve been draining my iPAD2 battery down to almost 2%, then letting it charge overnight. I’ve done this 3 times in a row now. I think it’s lasting a little longer now, but still nothing at all like either my iPHONE 4 or what my iPAD1 did.
      And…of course, it has a very nasty light leak issue…..which I’m waiting a month or two before doing an exchange. From what I’m reading about that issue (which it seems Apple is ignoring puplicly) is that many exchanges are the same or worse. UK just got theirs, and now they are complaining of the same thing.
      AND my screen is still a nasty gray tone instead of the bright clear one like my iPAD 1 was.
      Hope I’ve clarified some.

  • conkerz

    Ahh, sorry applebits. My mistake, and thanks for clarifying.

    I’ve just checked my iPod Touch 3G battery after 4 hours of only playing music (as outlined in my previous post) – and it’s already down to 50%. If it carries on draining at the same speed, it will be dead after playing just 8 hours of audio instead of the 30 hours Apple claims it can play for. That’s their own ‘test’ of determining if the battery’s at fault or not. So I guess I have concrete confirmation that either the battery is defective for a third time…. or the upgrade to IOS 4.1 is the cause. Doesn’t help though, since a replacement will be no different.

  • conkerz

    Oops, I meant IOS 4.3 🙂

  • conkerz

    Okay, so the Touch switched itself off when it ran out of battery 7 and a 1/2 hours after starting the test. I’m only getting 25% of the battery life.

  • Have iPhone 3GS and when I restored and updated to iOS 4.3.1, it really sucked and got problem in surfing internet, and also major drawback is battery draining fast…. internet surfing problem get fixed when i RESET NETWORK SETTING, and yet waiting for fix for battery usage… it was far better when I was at iOS4.2.1…..