Some new cases have surfaced on Alibaba that claim to be designed for Apple’s unreleased and unannounced iPhone 5. These iPhone 5 case listings, alongside similar designs from Hard Mac, point to an iPhone 5 design that is very similar to the iPhone 4’s.

If these cases are legitimate, the iPhone 5 will not be as significant of a redesign as speculation assumed. However, it is also noted that these cases lend credence to a slightly larger screen…

All of the externals ports and openings on these rumored iPhone 5 cases show no design change from the iPhone 4. With these case designs in mind, a larger, edge-to-edge screen could be a possibility for the iPhone 5.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that there will be a larger screen on the iPhone 5. Some recent iPhone 5 renderings also point to an edge-to-edge screen.

An edge-to-edge glass screen could help reduce the device’s thickness and weight. A larger screen could also easily allow for the more advanced multitouch gestures found in iOS 4.3.

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What do you think about a larger screen on the iPhone 5? Are you happy with the iPhone 4’s screen size?

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • hades

    I think people are mistaken when they predict it will be a larger screen. It is more likely that the screen is the same size but the edges are thinner, giving the illusion of a bigger screen.

  • Rashid

    Just this change and they are calling it the iPhone 5 !! Wtf is wrong with apple.they and their thiness.I bet the camera wont be good.

    • Faester

      Agree. No need to make it thinner.
      I dont give a damn about the screen size though. This next iPhone will be no more than an iPhone 4s, which is why I think that’s what Apple will name it. I think there will not be enough improvements to call it a 5th edition of the iPhone, but only a slightly improved 4th edition = iPhone 4s

  • joeyjojo

    Personally i don’t see the point or the big deal!!! iphone 4 has a big enough screen anyway! if i want a bigger screen ill get an ipad, i like the size as it is, so ill stick with my iphone4, oh wait, im stuck into a two year contract anyway!!!! oh well. lol
    i remember the days before i came to iphone, i had windows mobile and they all got smaller and smaller each time i upgraded, then the windows mobile devices started getting better but bigger, and i didn’t like. bigger isn’t always better but what you can do with it, i think they should just redesign the phone so it can receive an acceptable signal and make a few minor updates etc with iphone5. my opinion though!

  • i think a bigger screen would be sick. iPhone screen needs to be larger.

  • Lucas K.

    I’d like a 4″ screen at least. I think they have to make it at least that to keep up to snuff w/ the competition. Maybe they’ll make two models, one with a 3.5″ screen and one with a 4 or 4.3″ screen?

  • javierE186

    I say it will have a bigger screen and all the other stuff, but something tells me this is actually a someone that was bored and fused the iPhone 4 with the iPod Touch 4 and this was the result of that.

  • Chelsey

    I think the iPhone Is just find I love mine I couldn’t ask for a better phone

    • Jared

      Same here 🙂

  • Chelsey

    I think the iPhone Is just find I love mine I couldn’t ask for a better phone.

  • Lapro Doc

    An Aluminum or metal back would do wonders. I still miss my 2G iPhone for that purpose. Seriously, when did people actually worry about dropping a 2G?

  • Mcsteven

    It’ll definetly have a bigger screen. And a dual core processor. Better cameras and better speakers. And a better battery. So far all that has been speculated from this or that…

  • Tbv

    I love my iPhone 4, but I would like to have the screen size increased to 4 inches. A 4 inch screen will make web browsing and game play better. And the dual core processor from the iPad(to be expected) and hopefully a RAM increase to 768MB or 1GB.
    And also Apple, PLEASE SELL THESE PHONES UNLOCKED IN THE U.S. if someone decides to pay full price without contract.

  • If iPhone 5 get bigger in size, what is the significance of ipad?I see no point in this change.

  • svnelvn

    my guess is the same size as the iphone 4 right now with a larger edge-to-edge screen (will it fit 4″?) and cpu upgraded to A5 dual core processor, ram will probably be 1gb or stay the same, probably with 4g network

    iPhone 4GS

  • Steve Jobz

    Bigger screen seems cool but i’d prefer if the screen covers most of the front. Like an EVO. But then again I don’t know if the picture is accurate. I’d love a bigger screen either way. And of course there isn’t going to be any “revolutionary” features. As it’s been said before here on IDB, it will probably be an upgraded, faster version of an iPhone 4

  • MOnopoly

    OMG!!! I might get and iphone I guess I’ll wait till fall so I can get the newest version. IT dosen’t hurt even if it’s not much of a difference and alot more expensive. I’m not payin for it. My parents are.