If you’re one of the early birds who decided to jailbreak their iOS 4.3 firmware without proper Mobile Substrate support, we have good news for you.

A patched version of Mobile Substrate is available that reportedly addresses the issues with ASLR.

As you’re aware, the current version of Mobile Substrate doesn’t work with iOS 4.3, rendering many of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks inoperable on Apple’s latest firmware…

Of course if you decided to jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 4.3, you had fair warning beforehand that such issues would occur. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more about this directly from Saurik in the near future.

This updated version of Mobile Substrate can be downloaded via your iPhone here, and opened and installed with iFile.

I’ve yet to try it personally, but let me know what you find, and if it works like expected.

Did it work for you?

[The iPhone Spot]

  • konvikt

    fourth paragraph down , you said “here” insted of “hear”.

    • I think he typed it right

      is suppose to be here not hear

      • konvikt

        “here” is diff. than ” hear” it should be “I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more”

    • LOL I was actually looking at paragraph number fourth from down to up =.=”

      yeah I saw that “I’m pretty sure we’ll *here* more about this directly”

  • Juan

    Mr. Freeman never ceases to amaze me. As do all the JB devs. A big thank you!

  • David

    Yes thank you. You will never hear me complaining about anything I have loaded on my device…. If I can’t write it, code it, or figure it out on my own then I will not criticize those that can. I am grateful for the dev community for sharing their work with me.

  • Kaye Findley

    Konvikt, in your initial sentence correcting the author of hos spelling, you misspelled “instead”

  • Kaye Findley

    Oh no! I misspelled his! Ha

    • LMAO we are going to keep correcting each other and find new typo LOL

      • fgo;igkjnrtidfksdghfn

        It s typos not typo!

      • Xepptizz

        ‘ *a* new typo’ or ‘new typos’

      • eKsiSLe

        It would technically be typographical error(s), if you want to get crazy! hehe

    • konvikt


  • SteveF

    Worked for me. Winterboard now works with IOS 4.3.

  • Rays B

    I can see you folks are all getting bored…

  • Rays B

    I can see you folks are all getting bored.

    • Jj

      Getting board!

  • Ok

  • I’m ok tu very buy Dax buy jkkkmmmd

  • Austin

    So has anyone tried biteSMS using this new version?

  • IpodFanatic

    so i should just update my ipod to 4.3.1 and just wait for the jail break to be released?

  • samol

    mobilesubstrate_0.9.3367+6.g629fcfa_iphoneos-arm support ios 4.3.1

  • nice

  • nice