From the same website that brought us the iPhone 5 renderings comes more speculation on Apple’s new iPhone. The site, iDealsChina, is a chinese parts reseller. They don’t have a perfect track record, but they did correctly predict the¬†iPhone 3G and iPod 4G design changes.

Their latest prediction is that the iPhone 5 will hold two SIM cards. They claim it will be for the purpose of supporting dual phone lines, but I’ve got a better guess. The iPhone 5 is rumored to include a Qualcomm Gobi cellular and data chipset. Why does that sound familar?

It’s the same chipset used in the Verizon iPhone 4, which supports both GSM and CDMA connections. What’s so special about this and the possibility of dual lines? Besides the obvious of being able to combine work and personal lines into one device, you could use dual carriers on one iPhone.

Imagine having service with Verizon and AT&T- you’d almost always have coverage. You could use AT&T for the faster data speeds, and switch over to Verizon if the service got spotty. What if the phone switched seamlessly between the 2 carriers based on coverage?

All fantasies aside, these rumors bode well for Verizon customers, whose eligibility for the iPhone 5 is still unknown. It would definitely make sense for Apple to release their next iPhone on multiple carriers, but only time will tell what the Cupertino company has in store.

Does anyone think dual lines sounds like a good idea? Is 4G more important than dual carrier capability?

  • Dont think so! Hopefully the iPhone 5 has no Dual Sim Adapter.

  • InvaderJim

    I think the iphone 5 is mor likely to be like the droid 2 global, having the gsm and cdma capabilities but using one as the main connection souce and using the other when abroad.

  • Justin

    Hmm, if you call yourself… Would you be sad if you didn’t answer? Or would you be mad because you know you’re there?

    • Goofygreek

      Posed off because I didn’t answer. And then sad after it sinks in. Lol.

  • QBert

    Dual lines is kind of a dumb idea. The only people it would really apply to would be larger business customers, which doesn’t exactly follow Apple’s strategy of being a primarily consumer driven company. The only way I could see there being dual sim would be if Apple released a business oriented model of the iPhone 5. However, Apple has never really released entirely different models of their phones (save the difference in storage sizes) so it doesn’t seem very likely now. Furthermore, the addition of dual sim would require more internal components, which would make it significantly more difficult for apple to slim down the device. Moral of the story, no there will not be dual sim.

    As for 4G connectivity, it would be awesome if apple included it, but they only hired an LTE engineer a month or two back. The next phone is undoubtedly already in testing, which means they are not too far off from production, so the chance of 4G connectivity making it in looks pretty slim. Additionally, this is consistent with Apple’s policy of not adopting and incorporating a technology until it has been thoroughly tested and has gained a strong foothold. With LTE being available in relatively few markets at this point, Apple probably won’t be including the higher data speeds this time around.

    • QBert

      Oh and another thing, having both Verizon and AT&T? Really? Why the hell would you pay twice the phone bill for only slightly better coverage. Both Verizon and AT&T already cover the majority of the country, so there is no need to have both. If coverage for one is shoddy in your area, then pick the other. What a stupid idea (not to mention that Verizon doesn’t use SIM cards, except for their LTE phones, which the iPhone 5 will not be).

  • George W. Bush

    They said that for the iPhone 4 and it never happend. It will never happen on the iPhone 5. Why the hell would apple care how many lines are in one phone. ATT gets there sand Verizon gets theres. If they did have dual sims that means you can use T-Mobile with your ATT. Why the hell would you have 2 ATT accounts under one phone. I’am call my dad and tell him to call Steve Jobs so he can send me an iPhone 5…. Daddy I want the iPhone 5, Bush senior replays ” NO!!!” Well fuck you dad Okay Fuck you!!! I’m going to go and use some blow : \

  • Steve johnson

    Two Sims ; travel a lot – could have US carrier and then throw in local SIM. Trick is to have unlocked for the flexibility

  • David

    Gee….. which meals do me and the kids skip so I can pay for 2 voice and data plans.

  • QuarterSwede

    Dual SIM users fill a niche but it’s just that. I’d bet big money that Apple WON’T put dual SIM capability in the next iPhone.

    • InvaderJim

      how about SIM and CDMA option like the D2G??

  • Dr Dick

    It would be better if Apple concentrated more on the things that are useful like a longer battery life…! Instead of wasting time on fancy things that are not so important…

  • Smoke

    Y’all take your phones to seriously. Whod wana pay to have 2 lines on 1 phone? Unless thats not what u meant in this post in which case i withdraw my previous statement. But seriously its just a phone…

  • could it be they are desiging one model that can be sold by both carriers, not intending for users to use both but so that they donot have to manufacture two seperate phones?

  • Old Tom

    i have my doubts on that deal. 1 chip for both versions, sure. makes total sense to only build 1 phone model to cover both carriers. but work and personal with dual sims in 1 device? eh, nope. I have my personal cell number and use GV for business number and just have it forward to cell. having 2 paid lines of service now serves no purpose other than if you need some sorta business tax deduction.
    On a different thought tho, having the ability or option to put local sims in while traveling would be really cool. No more stories of insane phone bills upon returning from some foreign land.

  • RoamingChargesSuck

    I’ve been hoping for a dual-SIM phone for a long time. I travel a lot internationally, and I would be able to keep my AT&T SIM active in the phone for incoming calls and also use a local SIM for data, texting and outgoing calls. International data and voice roaming is one of the biggest rip-offs in the history of rip-offs. My latest phone bill for 10 days in Germany was $1,000 – and that included about 10 hours of calling on Skype via WiFi (which is free). I also used AT&T’s $200/200MB prepaid international data roaming plan and stayed under the 200MB limit. There were almost $600 in voice charges, which amounts to less than 45 minutes a day of voice time. Instead, I could buy a prepaid SIM in the local territory and pay one tenth of the price that AT&T gouges me for. I don’t believe it will happen, but it would be huge for me if Apple included this technology.

  • SpeeBee

    Back in about 1995 I had a Nokia brick that had a line 2 facility. At the time I had a company Sim card from UK carrier Orange. They allowed me a second number on that sim card which allowed me to receive calls on both numbers but switch between lines to toute

  • SpeeBee

    Continued from above….. Bloody iPhone published before I was ready:)

    ….. toute…. No route calls from either line.

    Useful but not very main stream. Really dont see the point of adding additional sim card unless you roam an awful lot. Even then the second card would need to be unlocked to any network. This goes against the whole Apple US model of only selling the phone locked to a carrier. It is different here in Europe as you can buy an unlocked phone from the Apple Store.

  • Joel

    Don’t think so… The fake iPhones from China have always had dual slim slots. Probably just another Chinese knockoff idea.

  • Stevie

    please look beyond the restrictive shores of the US.
    The dual sim Market in the middle and far east is massive, not to mention central and eastern Europe.
    The apple brand is so global and so desireable that as a company they would be doing their shareholders a dis service to close their eyes to the recently and currently emerging nations.
    Don’t kid yourself into thinking the home market or AT&T etc will dictate the direction. They won’t

  • Adam

    most of my friends have 2 phones these days i have 2 x 3gs iphone my cell and also the company one. I would love to have 1 unit that can take calls on both.
    This a must foranyone who owns or is in the business environment..

  • Sunshine

    It makes perfect sense to have this capability. My personal phone is ATT and my employer has a contract with Verizon. With this feature, I can carry one phone and have the Verizon portion of the service taken care of by work, keeping me from having to itemize my personal cell bill each month. I stay happy with ATT as my carrier and my employer can get their discounted rates through Verizon. It’s a win win!!

  • This would be an awesome function to have. Not only would it be good for changing carriers depending on coverage (making the iphone the most reliable cell phone in the world), but would also potentially give me the opportunity to turn off my AT&T plan if I reach the end of my minutes and switch to my pay-as-you-go T-mobile service.