Ryan Petrich, developer of jailbreak apps like SwitcherMod and Action Menu, is helping work on the next major version of Cydia with saurik and team. Cydia 1.1 is slated to bring significant updates, and will most likely focus heavily on graphics.

While we’re not sure when Cydia 1.1 will be ready, it seems to be coming along nicely on the development side of things…

In a recent tweet, Ryan Petrich spoke to how well version 1.1 is coming along.

We can’t wait to see what “awesome” features and enhancements Cydia 1.1 brings, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more about the release.

In the meantime, what do you want to see in the next version of Cydia? Multitasking? Design interface changes? Some sort of in-app package backup solution would be nice.

UPDATE: Mr. Petrich himself has commented on this article and revealed that Cydia 1.1 will offer better repo management and fix loading errors when opening Cydia. Thanks, Ryan!

  • Juan

    I have no issues with current Cydia. I did yearn for multitask support but now I understand the scope and why it’s not available. I had not idea Cydia ran as root. thanks for clarifying that Jay.

    I don’t think I can agree with the people who think Cydia should back up. Spend a few dollars supporting the Eco-system on a backup solution that already exists.

    • Aaron

      No, Cydia should backup. We shouldn’t have to pay for a feature so basic, the App Store has it. That a paid backup app exists is no excuse for Cydia.

    • Aaronieru

      No, Cydia should backup. We shouldn’t have to pay for a feature so basic, the App Store has it. That a paid backup app exists is no excuse for Cydia.

    • Brein

      Where the hell can i get cydia? ive already unlocked my ipod and i cant find Cydia

  • When will jailbreak 3.0 to jailbreak iphone 4.3

    • i mean when will jailbreak 3.0 to jailbreak iphone 3gs 4.3

      • George


      • anon


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  • Danny

    Great news about the coming update!
    I do not mind the layout and the loading. As I understand, cydia actually loads very fast, it’s just the large amount of data which slows it down.
    I only noticed 2 small annoyances 🙂
    1) if you accidentally press a link of any kind, when you actually want to scroll, and you notice that the link is “darkened”, it will open once you release the finger. You cannot undo this by trying keep on scrolling like you can in safari webbrowser for instance.
    For other issues – I know Cydia is a bit limited on how it can perform or behave to suit every needs. It is not just an ordinary app so to say.
    And please do not change the icon as someone requested… It already feels nostalgic 🙂

    2) All webpages that are opened within Cydia (which is not for mobile view) are very difficult to read since the zoom function is disabled. Try the facebook link to Cydia page on the startpage… Quite impossible to read especially on 3GS, perhaps a little better on iPhone 4 with its hi-res retina display :p

    BTW “upgrading to 4.0.2? Read this” … Is kinda old news now 😉 I’ve seen cydia apps pages that warns about upgrading to 4.3, which is more up to date.

    Overall – thanks for your efforts working on Cydia!

  • Dave Amato

    Multi-Tasking Cydia is like music to my ears.

  • miguel

    please tell me when the display out cydia app by Petrich will work with the new ios 4.3.1