In addition to the much-awaited Personal Hotspot feature for AT&T iPhone 4 owners, Apple also updated the Messages app in iOS 4.3.

Although there are no changes to the app itself per say, Apple has updated the alert options. This includes significantly shorter SMS (text) ringtones, clearer text ringtone sounds from the speaker, and the settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals.

If you may recall, the text tones in iOS 4.2.1 were incredibly long, to the point where one would think these would be better ringtones than text tones. Most text tones have now been updated and are now less than a second long with improved sound clarity from the speaker.

The vibration alerts for messages have also been changed by Apple in the new OS. Before, new messages had the same short vibration as the “new mail” alert. But now, in iOS 4.3, new text messages will instead give two sharp and quite noticeable vibratory pulses.

Have you noticed any other changes in iOS 4.3? If so, drop us a line in the comments!

[via TUAW]

  • Justin

    I might be wrong, but when scrubbing video, did it always tell you what speed you are scrubbing?

    • Orangesn0w

      Yah I’m on 4.2 till the jb and yes it does have it

  • norman parks

    nope i noticed that when i updated i think its a new feature in ios 4.3

    • quitcherbichinn

      it’s showed full speed, half speed, quarter speed when scrubbing since either 2.0 or 3.0. don’t remember which but it’s been a LONG time.

      • Justin

        Strange. I got me and my son iPhone 4’s when they came out. I don’t remember it ever being there and I just compared our two phones. He is still using 4.2 and I am on 4.3. Opened YouTube and picked the same video and mine shows the speed and his does not. Maybe it’s an option I have been missing in the past? No big deal either way, but I do like having it now.

  • Me

    I know this isn’t really important, but the Location Services board has been moved, as well…

    • Justin

      Now that you mention it, it is moved. Wonder what highly technical reason there is behind that? Better battery life I bet, or maybe fewer dropped calls!

  • Seems like they kinda of half-assed editing down those sms tones; a couple are shortened properly, a few are just sped up and sound awkward, and a few are still long and obnoxious. when will they just allow us to use text alerts, just like custom ringtones, without having to jailbreak?!

  • Chris

    Do you know if there is any way to message between Iphone and Mac computers, trough Messages App or any other app?