It’s no secret that we are Angry Birds fans here at iDB. But then again who isn’t? With millions of downloads across multiple platforms, this game will go down in history as the ultimate time waster. Well in case you’ve missed it, the latest iteration in Rovio’s smash hit series is here.

The lovable cast of pigs get a total leprechaun makeover in the newest version of Angry Birds Seasons. And with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, this application is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit…

If you’ve played a previous version of Angry Birds, there’s no real surprises. Like all of their ‘Seasons’ updates, there’s no real change in the gameplay, just mostly in the backdrops and the pig’s outfits. You’ll also notice nice St. Patty’s Day touches throughout the menus.

Angry Birds Seasons is available in the App Store for $0.99, or $1.99 for the HD iPad version. If you have previously purchased Angry Birds Seasons, you won’t have to buy it again. The St. Patrick’s Day update should just show up in your ‘Updates’ tab in the App Store.

Has anyone played this new version of Angry Birds Seasons? What did you think? Tell us below!

  • I love this game, this games are free and the android platform. i wont get an iPhone until they come out with one that has a 4.0 or 4.3 inch screen.

  • Doug

    Angry birds is the most over rated game/app. Played the free version and found no fun it

    • WTF? Angry Birds is the most fun game to play on iPhone and Android.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol you guys should provide the link here I’ll help out search for angry birds it’s free too lol!!

    • That’s an ilegal cracked game and not free by rovio. Angry Birds it’s free an android phones.

      • Jason Masters

        If it’s free then how is it illegal you make no sense and btw your blog sucks it’s boring and no where near as good as idb…

      • Binary-Stalker

        Correct. Only the Android edition is free.

    • LOL! My blog has nothing to do with your nonsence bro. Downloading Cracked apps is not kool that’s all.

      • Jason Masters

        Of course it’s kool man and it’s not illegal at all read the disclaimer and what do you care? Are you the owner of rovio? You remind me of those people in snobby stores where the clerks who make minimum wage are snotty too even though they can’t even afford the very shit they sell lmao!!

  • @LappyGirl

    I love it! I beat St Pat’s w/ 3 stars on every board & one golden egg. Anyone know where the others are?

  • Jason Masters

    When did our society lose it’s damn sense of humour? Illegal or legal free or not free who cares unless your the developer I don’t see whats the point of you both even arguing your missing the point anyways if you choose to download through installous or the AppStore or the free android version it’s all the same to me

    • Dude are you retarded? Downloading something that you have to pay for it’s not kool and ilegal.

  • Val

    Downloading cracked apps is just like downloading music from FrostWire or other file sharing sites. Some people have a moral compass and some do not. It’s that simple. You decide whether to be a leach on society or to carry your own weigh. Personally, I don’t steal, so I guess you can insult me like iTito.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol what a bunch of fucking morons !
    Who said I steal I just gave a link and never said anything about me stealing anything that’s your assumption and your comparison is weak very weak try again plus how do we know you don’t Pirate you seem to know where to get it from I never knew that you could steal music from the Internet?

    • Dude!!! apps are only a fucken dollar just pay for them and shut up you cheap bastard.

    • Val

      And YOU sir, seem to know a lot about it too, as you have the lingo down, “Pirate”. I love trolls like you who spend their day causing trouble on message boards. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and eff the hell off.

  • Jason Masters

    They now have angry birds for the pc it’s so addicting!!

  • Jason Masters

    Tito and Val you both sound like trolls and you both ate annoying like whiny Lil bitches if you don’t agree with a comment move the fuck on no ones agreeing with or arguing your point it’s useless your just wasting your time maybe you should take your own advice and eff off now let’s all move on now that these two are done whining about cracked apps and music and what the hell else they want to bitch about and let’s talk iPhone stuff!

    • Dude! you are the one not agreeing with us and you’re right arguing with you is useless. Peace Homie!!!

  • Jason Masters

    So the angry birds edition on the pc for those that have touchscreen pcs is awesome you can download through intellapp for pcs

  • It hasn’t come out for palm pre.I have one and i want a ipad,iphone,and nintendo dsi,ds,ds lite,and xl.But I really do want it to come out on palm pre.Not just android.

    • check the rovio website, they should have a realease date there.

  • Jason Masters

    I thought palm was discontinued?