If you are one of the unlucky ones who upgraded to Apple’s new 4.3 and lost their jailbreak, listen up. Although i0n1c said he would be waiting for iOS 4.3.1 to come out, to release a jailbreak, iH8sn0w has decided to give us Sn0wbreeze 2.3 beta to tide us over.

So if you have an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad or iP0d touch and are running 4.3, let me give you a simple tutorial on how to jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze

Remember this is a beta, there are dangers to upgrading to 4.3 if you haven’t already. The mobile substrate conflict we mentioned here is not corrected. And this IS a tethered jailbreak, you will need your computer every time you reboot for it to work. Finally there is no unlock for iOS 4.3, so if you are counting on that, we don’t recommend updating to 4.3.

This jailbreak is for WINDOWS users only, that’s the only OS Sn0wbreeze supports. Also, this will not work on the iPad 2.

Step 1: Make sure you have all the necessary softwares. Your iTunes needs to be up to date with 10.2.1. You need the .ipsw file of iOS 4.3 which you can get here, just select your device. Make sure to note where it downloads to.

Step 2: Next you are going to need Sn0wbreeze 2.3 Beta for Windows, which also includes iBooty 2.0 that we will use later. I recommend putting everything in a folder on your desktop to help keep organized.

Step 3: Boot up Sn0wbreeze and click the blue arrow in the bottom right of the application. Next you will choose that firmware .ipsw file you downloaded earlier by clicking “Browse”, and selecting the file from your hard drive.

Step 4: Once it’s done verifying your firmware, click next. Select ‘Expert Mode’ and then the ‘Build IPSW’ option. Don’t worry, building .ipsw files can take a while, they are close to 700MB!

Step 5: Once it says ‘Done!’, press ok. The following screen will, you guessed it, help you put your iDevice in DFU mode.

– Hold the power and Home buttons for 10 seconds

– Release the Power button while still holding the Home button for 10 more seconds and… Success!

Step 6: If you have done things correctly to this point,  Sn0wbreeze tells you to launch iTunes with your iPhone plugged in.

Step 7: Navigate to your iDevice in iTunes and hold left shift + click ‘Restore’, this should launch a browser window for you to select the custom IPSW Sn0wbreeze built for you. Select it and let iTunes restore it, this can take some time as well.

Step 8: iBooty should have been extracted to your desktop after Sn0wbreeze was done. We will be using iBooty to boot your iDevice into a tethered jailbreak. Load iBooty up and select your device from the dropdown. Now hit ‘Start’ and you will once again be walked through the DFU mode process.

Step 9: As soon as you are successfully in DFU mode, iBooty will take care of the rest. After it’s finished, your iPod touch will be booted into jailbreak mode!

Special thanks to Redmond Pie for the visual aids and the download link for Sn0wbreeze.

Has anyone jailbroken 4.3 yet? How is it running? Tell us about it below!

  • não consigo abrir ele no windowns … para de funcionar oque eu faço!!!

  • DogBoy

    Quick tip, if you actually get through this right when you boot Cydia for the first time don’t upgarde essential packages like i did, if you do Cydia won’t load.

    • Jacer

      i did complete essential upgrade and everything is fine, on my ipad

    • teresa

      if you upgrade essentials it will reboot – you have to boot tethered after.

      • lowkkss

        you managed to tethered jailbreak? My iphone4 can’t find network list and no network found on my phone..

  • Igeek

    Gay… Tethered stuff annoys me… Just wait to release stuff for untethered…

    • Joel

      is there a hetero release?

  • F. B. I. Guy

    I’m trying to boot tethered right now using this method, but iBooty is stuck at “Waiting for iBSS…”

    • Gabriel de Aguiar Féo

      Then you’re not managing to put it in DFU Mode…

      Quick tip: Use Greenpois0n for iOS 4.2.1 RC5/RC6.1, it has a countdown system designed for this exact kind of situation. When you achieve DFU Mode, the jailbreak button will pop. Instead of hitting the Jailbreak! button, close Greenpois0n, head over to iBooty and it should recognize your iDevice in DFU Mode and of course, it should recognize iBSS. Just do that when both iBooty and Greenpois0n are running and you’ll be fine. ;D

    • Cargod23

      I was stuck in that same section when I was first trying to boot with iBooty, you must have iTunes open when you use iBooty. Or else it will stay stuck in iBss.

      Hope this helps.

  • F. B. I. Guy

    Oh, by the way, I’m using an iPod touch 3g

  • BLiNK

    why would anyone do this if mobile substrate has not been restructured for 4.3 yet? sounds worthless to me

    • F. B. I. Guy

      You can still use all the other goodies which don’t require mobilesubstrate, like iFile, mobileterminal, that sort of thing

    • Jacer

      u will do this if u do not save ur shsh blob or u are stuck at 4.3 if you buy an idevice like me

    • eric

      mobile substrate has been updated. works perfectly on 4.3

  • BacaNiito07

    I did everything but now cydia wont open after i upgraded essential dont now wat to do now..i got an ipad 1gn

    • Jacer

      Put your idevice in DFU mode and do a tethered boot with the ibooty

      • BacaNiito07

        thankxx ill give it a try

  • Jacer

    Remember not to install any app that requires a modification of the mobile substrate or it will crash your springboard, iconoclasm and multiiconmover works well tho.

  • iProf.

    I have no probs with the tethered version. Although this software is useless for most of us. Its buggy for one thing, as it should be if you read the text above. Its syncs crappy with iTunes. The reception is down one one dot although it should be much higher. Lets wait for the real hack but thanks for sharing this one with us!

  • Raymond

    I’ve jailbroken my phone already , but the carrier wont show up and I can’t sync in my iTunes

    • Cargod23

      When you build a custom .ipsw in SB make sure that you click on Expert mode and then General followed by the arrow at right bottom, at the following screen (if you are with AT&T) uncheck Hacktivate, this is only good for people that are on different networks and will cause your phone to not complete it’s restore and activation in iTunes.

      Hope this helps.

    • Cargod23

      When you build a custom .ipsw in SB make sure that you click on Expert mode and then General followed by the arrow at right bottom, at the following screen (if you are with AT&T) uncheck Hacktivate, this is only good for people that are on different networks and will cause your phone to not complete it’s restore and activation in iTunes.
      Hope this helps.

      • Lowkkss

        So if I’m on non AT&T or other network. HActivation option must be checked in GENERAL prior to customized ipsw sb jailbreak???

  • leech

    i got some random ass unkown error 3601 in the process of the shft+ctrl restore thinger, it extracts the software then the error pops up. i suppose i’ll just wait for a non-beta that has these bugs fixed… xp

  • wondrin

    can it preserve 3gs baseband? has anyone tried??

  • wondrin

    can this preserve 3gs baseband? has anyone tried?

  • Jake

    Whenever I try it iTunes gives me an error after I followed the instruction for my iPod touch 4th gen running 4.3. Please help me out thanks!

  • Nhat

    why can’t I turn on my I pod touch 4g again using home button after the screen turn off for a while, unless I connect it back to itune, otherwise there is no way for me to turn my ipod on.

  • TO

    I’m getting error 3601 as well when trying to do the restore.. Anyone have a solution? My phone is dead at the moment!!

    • Sunal

      hey go to sn0wh8.com and download ireb and run tht program and do wht it says then try resoring i hope this works 🙂

      • Sunal

        sry man the site is ih8sn0w.com 🙂

  • TO

    To be clear, after step 7 is when I get error 3601 from iTunes.. If I try and do a factory restore, I get the same thing.. Right now I have a brick and I can’t get it do come back to life.. Anyone?

    • I had the same prob.All I could do was go thru the jailbreak process again from scratch and when I got to the itunes restore ‘with shift key part’ I didnt use shift.I just restored.It errored out twice then it reset to factory settings fine. At least I can use it again.I’ll wait for the real deal. Another thing I noticed was that all the videos/youtubes demos on how to JB 4.3 were virtually all on an IPod touch.If you try it on an Iphone 4 you lose your carrier and its no longer a phone but basically an ipod. !!!! pointless

      • Cargod23

        If you follow my instructions on this blog under Cargod23 you will be able to jailbreak successfully and use your phone as well. I have done this my self on both an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

  • Joe

    I got the same thing on the error 3601. I had to disable my Antivirus and firewall. Itunes phones home for some reason when you try to restore. Took me a few hours to research this. After I turn them off and follow the instructions above, everything worked fine for me

  • mad guy

    i got 1600 error and then 1646 and now i am ftuck at waiting for ibss while trying to boot with ibooty

  • shout

    can n e 1 help me i tried to restore my 3gs with the 4.2 n it wouldnt let me so i tried to restore it ny updating the phone n it keeps giving me error 1002 how can i fix this n get it out of connect to itunes
    plzzzz help

    • Cargod23

      The only was to do that is to use Saurik’s server. Read the following instructions and this should solve your problem.


  • Skarr

    worked fine for me a little complicated can’t wait till and untethered version!!!

  • Jacer

    remove everything from your host file and try again with ireb tethering boot for those with errors

  • arian

    i restored my ipod touc 3g to custom fremware but ibooty won,t work freezing in waitng foer ibss
    what can i do?

    • andrew

      same problem please let me know

  • i0n1c isn’t waiting for iOS 4.3.1. Just take a look at his YouTuve vid description. DO NOT USE SN0WBREEZE! I’m telling you!

  • Josh

    I got error 1600, help please.

  • Josh

    i fixed it. but dont get to anxious. Let everything run through. You will lose your network. just restore and start the shift restore over.

  • Aleksander

    Everything works the restore and all but i dont get Cydia! -.- Please help! Running Window 7 x64 or Windows Vista x32 (I have both)

  • mudman

    worked on Windows 7 x64. Got Cydia up and did complete install. Just looking for Appsync 4.3.

  • eric

    mobile substrate has been updated for 4.3

  • Cargod23

    Just a little help for everyone trying to jailbreak with SB. They don’t tell you that when you are about to create a custom .ipsw that you MUST click on the General Box and click on the arrow on the bottom right. (This is only if you are on AT&T’s network) Once you are on the following screen make sure that you UNCHECK Hacktivate as this will prevent iTunes from activating your phone and will cause the phone to not complete the process. After the process is complete and your phone is on and iTunes is asking you to restore settings and it reboots, thats when you need to use iBooty. Make sure that iTunes is open and that you are using version 10.2.1 or else it won’t work.

    Hope this helps everyone.

    • lowkkss

      what about model firmware 4.10.01. ios4.3 upgraded it from 3.10.01. Can snowbreeze deal with it or do i have to restore twice more for the SB JB tethered process??? pls advice…

      • Cargod23

        Yes it can deal with the upgrade. However follow my instructions on the hacktivation step if you are on AT&T network. You must uncheck that box in order for your jailbreak to work correctly and your phone to see the network. Hope this helps.

    • Brian

      DUDE, i think this might fix the network settings problem that ive been having! thanks in advance if it does fix it!!!!!!

      • Cargod23

        No prob. Let me know if it works for you.

      • Cargod23

        No problem. Let me know if it worked for you.

  • Alexander

    Does anyone know if this would work using parallels on a Mac please? Thanks

  • nANDO

    if you are getting ERRORS TRY iReb even if you are in BLACK SCREEN.

  • E

    Um I’m wondering if all these people who have turned their phones into bricks. Bothered to read the horror stories already listed. No way I’m using snowbreeze!

  • CV

    My iPhone freezes during the custom ipsw installation phase. It does this when iTunes is installing my new ipsw and the iPhone is sitting with the apple and the spinner stops spinning and doesn’t complete the process. What is going on here? Is there something I missed or something I need to do? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Dan

    I have a iPhone 4 on 4.3 after putting on sb to my iPhone it takes about 5 mins to load onto springboard everytime it’s turned on! Cydia is slow and it goes into bootloop every now and then. Can anyone help?

  • Ervin

    hey i hv a ipod touch 4g and i follow ur steps and it wrk pefectly fine thx dude!

  • DaddyVeNoM

    haha this is gay

  • LawrenceNg

    i’m sorry, my Iphone4 oredi upgrade to 4.3, but i think still dun have prefect jailbreak for 4.3, got any idea for it? really need to JB my IPhone 4~

  • Chris

    When i go into itunes and try to restore it gives me the “error 3194” message. is that cuz 4.3.1 came out yesterday?

    • Cargod23

      Yes that sounds like that is the problem that you are having. These jailbreaks are only designed for 4.3.

  • guy

    iBooty ain’t doing it for me. I’ve gone right through the above process but iBooty completes I can’t start my iphone. Is iBooty meant to kick the phone awake? It doesn’t for me & just pressing power does nothing either.

    So I end up having to hard reset whereupon of course Cydia won’t open.

    TBH I didn’t expect it to work as I’ve tried going the Mac route using Pwnage Tool and Tetheredboot & the same shit happens after running tetheredboot.


  • Krunal

    Hi Guys,

    I have upgraded my Iphone 3gs from 4.2.1 to IOS 4.3.1. my phone is stuck in restore mode. Unable to use 🙁

    Please helppppppppppp

  • Lipson

    Hi buddy,

    Can anybody help me please : I did all the necessary process to jailbreak my iphone 4 OS 4.3.1. first loaded snowbreezer then did ibooty. Everything went fine. but I don’t see any Cydia icon on my iphone screen.
    please let me know if anyone of you encountered the same.

  • this is bullshit

  • J

    I had a jailbroken iphone4g and I was just trying to check if I had a movie in I tunes. I don’t think I hit anything but cancel for the upgrade but wasn’t positive. I didn’t have the movie and when I unplugged the phone. I did not sync anything, all of my songs and video’s were gone. I freaked and tried to restore my phone to factory settings. Everything seemed to work, but the apple kept changing back to the greenpoison skull. I tried a bunch of remedies I read online & decided to bring it to AT&T. They said it was jailbroken and I was screwed. I then brought it to the apple store and told them my friend said they could make my phone do cool things, but I didn’t realize he was jailbreaking it. They were able to put it to factory settings for no charge. The apple store’s r really nice. Maybe try that instead of having a brick…

  • Bonat

    I have done correctly as per your advised, after restore process it show me that “Not able to restore…. bla…bla…..bla and (Error 3194), what should I do next????

    Thanks in advance.

  • Cole Cooper

    whenever i open ibooty, it wont read my device. the dropbox just says “select your idevice” and nothing else. Please Help!