The iPhone 4’s stunning retina display is perfect for a pretty wallpaper. Designers aren’t necessarily cranking out beautiful wallpapers for the iPhone, and truly superb iOS wallpapers can be hard to come by.

If you don’t know where to look, you may miss many of the best wallpapers available for the iPhone. Luckily, the folks at Beautiful Pixels have collected some awesome iPhone wallpapers for you to use on your home screen…

To view and download these awesome wallpapers, head over to Beautiful Pixel’s first and second collection.

Hopefully you found some awesome wallpapers for your iPhone in this roundup. Let us know which is your favorite.

Also, we’d like to hear where you find wallpapers for your iPhone. Do you use an iPhone app or a wallpaper website? Both? Share your favorite resources with everyone below!

  • Anonymous

    Backdrops app from the app store made by

  • More clear the the last beta

  • Alonso

    What’s the name of the theme you’re using on the first pic??

    • Rico

      Yeah, the theme in the first screenshot looks amazing! Quick, someone share the name of the theme!

  • I usually only use my own photos as a wallpaper. Although the ones above are amazing.

  • Hi! What’s the theme used in the first pic? 🙂
    it looks awsome!! 😀

  • I’d like to say that most of them are good but the raindrops are my favorite. It makes you remember that gadgets don’t like water i guess?