Me too. After almost three hours of waiting (I know that’s not much compared to some) at my local Best Buy, I was told there were no more WiFi-only models left at that location. Not only that but there were no more white iPad 2 available.

With only about 25-30 people ahead of me in line, and almost none of them walking away with white iPad, I had to wonder how small their drop shipment actually was. It also would have been lovely to know the model availability before I wasted most of my afternoon, waiting on the impossible. Determined to not accept defeat, I then proceeded across the street to Target….

My hopes that they somehow had some iPads left were crushed when I made my way to the electronics department. Not only were they sold out, they only had 6 units to start with, and none of them were the 16GB WiFi-only model I lusted after. So I went back to my car and although frustrated, quickly dialed every Walmart in town.

It was about 5:30 P.M. at this point, but I was desperate, and was hoping that the general public wasn’t much aware of Walmart carrying iPad 2’s on launch day. But with every phone call, reality crept a little bit closer. Finally, it was time to give up the chase, and I headed home. I had completely failed, or did I?

Yesterday morning, I mentioned that I had a feeling iPad 2 stock was limited, and I was spot on. So, did Apple drop the ball on their big launch day, or did everything go as planned? I’m going to go with the latter, because although the iPad 2 was just announced a week ago, original iPad sales had to give Apple some kind of insight to what demand was going to be for their new tablet.

Apple’s plan, like many other major product launches, may have just been to release a limited number on launch day. Even though they may have warehouses packed with iPad 2’s, they could be choosing not to ship to create a higher demand. Releasing iPads in rounds also makes Apple more agile. If they release a million units at a time, and there is a defect, they can quickly repair the problem.

But whatever the reason, I know that the hundreds of thousands of loyal Apple fans that flocked to their respective Apple stores and retailers, deserved better. My one opportunity to purchase an iPad 2 was a 64GB Black AT&T model, $829. That’s almost double what I was wanting to spend, and I just didn’t have any use for all the extra memory.

Were you able to snag an iPad 2 on launch day? Or did you have a similar, disappointing  experience like myself? Tell us below!

  • Angela

    Funny, I wanted an AT&T 3G. Would have bought whatever they had, but they were the first models to sell out. My Apple store was kind enough to let the line know what was gone, so I only stood outside in 30 degree temps for an hour. Went hone and ordered white 32 mb AT&T 3G. Hoping it truly delivers on april 9 like they promised.

    • Adrien

      Yes I had the same experience but I went to apple 2hours before sale time and it was already 200 people standing inline so I went a few miles away to a best buy called them and they said no line got there and they didn’t have what I wanted which was the 32 gig wifi and 3G so they sent me to the best buy that was across from apple funny I forgot there was one there but they said at the begging about 330 they were handing out tickets about 430 at that time they said we don’t have the 32 gig wifi and 3G but we do have the 64 gig so after standing in line all that time I brought it but the good thing is I sold my 2 month old iPad for 500 so I still spent 400 on the new iPad not bad but I was a little disappointed …and so was the 13 other people ahead of me ….

  • Z

    I managed, and posted a long detailed experience in the comment of the next article =)

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  • Andy

    I found iPad 2 in the mall at small best buy mobile stores 4 days after release