It’s no secret that Verizon and AT&T are at war. They are constantly battling over the best network, and ultimately the most customers. Even though Verizon has generally had a larger customer base and better call quality, AT&T has generally had faster 3G speeds (depending on location) and of course the iPhone.

That all changed on February 11th of this year, when Verizon launched their version of the iPhone 4. But it seems snagging Apple’s popular smart phone wasn’t enough for Big Red. They took this wireless war to a tiny little battlefield called predictive text…

BGR‘s Jonathon Geller reported earlier today that he came across a tiny alteration in his Verizon iPhone 4 that he hadn’t noticed before. It appears that unlike the AT&T iPhone 4, Verizon’s version won’t correct ‘att’ to ‘AT&T’ automatically. As microscopic as the change is, it fascinates me. This little detail was obviously talked about at some point by some very important people.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why AT&T was taken out of the Verizon model, but ‘Verizon’ is still recognized by my AT&T iPhone 4, so go figure. It all seems so silly to me, but I’m sure there are legal reasons behind it.

Has anyone confirmed this on their Verizon iPhone 4’s? Tell us below!

  • it corrects on my verizon iphone, although it is jailbroken.

  • Tsiv

    Yeah it does.

  • Manuel

    Mine didn’t autocorrect att to AT&T until I used inspell. Kinda small, but don’t think its serious. I think the headline of the article is a bit to much though. When I saw the article, I thought it would be something bigger, but that’s just my 2 cents.

  • Chris

    My att iphone does not correct to say AT&T, does recognize Verizon so I don’t get it.

  • Verizon model does correct “att” to “AT&T” this article is false.

  • Ike

    i have an iPhone 4 from att on 4.2.1 and it doesn’t auto correct att or verizon?? But my iPad 2 (wifi only) auto corrects both.

  • JP

    Mine does not correct AT&T.

  • Igeek

    Att does not correct on my att iPhone 4… After different amount of typing uses on your device that the acronyms like “Ty” “yw” blends in with “att” so don’t think of it as a war.. It’s a software thing lol

  • Court Jester

    Seriously? Worst article ever. Amazes me how something so stupid and of non-importance warrants a write-up. Of course it’s all about the click business. Stop clogging everyone’s intertubes!

    • Manuel

      You don’t have to read it you know πŸ™‚

  • Tom

    my UK iPhone does change att to AT&T. What bast*rds.

  • tjELITE

    My VZW iPhone corrects AT&T…my iPod sometimes doesn’t tho…depends on how you type words alot most times…plus why isn’t it at&t isn’t there logo lower case 

    • Bobajob

      It’s a shame it didn’t correct “alot” for you too.

  • STK10

    I have an Australian iphone and it corrects att but verizon is just a word, no correction needed.

    Im on the “3” network and when i type in “optus” (another network here) it corrects it to “opts”. Conspiracy!!!!! lol

  • Reset keyboard dictionary. My AT&T iPhone stopped auto correcting AT&T at one point. Never did know why. But a dictionary reset fixed it. I think it’s a glitch in 4.2.1 altogether.

  • Jeff Plendl

    Boring….the funny one is Ballmer…

  • Junior

    I have an att iPhone and I’m typing on it right now and when I type “att” it doesn’t correct it to AT&T

  • They both are showing good performance in the world

  • logan

    news is slow

  • AppleBits

    I use a nice j/b tweak (ManualCorrect) that just basically reverses the autocorrect feature. So when I type a word wrong, the iPhone’s choice of the correct spelling still pops up, but if I ignore it (rather than having to tap the X on it), my incorrect or chosen spelling remains the way I typed it. I like the tweak, most of the time. But the autocorrect for typical words like “the” or “and” is now up to me to tap to fix…so that becomes almost equally annoying. Can’t win for losing. lol

  • Justin

    I have a non broken Verizon iPhone 4 and it still corrects “att” to AT&T