I just received an email from Apple telling me the 2 iPads I had ordered online have shipped. If everything goes well, I should receive them on Wednesday.

Has your order shipped yet?


  • When Oh when are u coming to India ipad2??

  • Z

    Congrats Sebastien! I already got mine yesterday. Wasn’t easy, but I was lucky (so so)

    My wife, son and I went to the largest store in LA an hour and a half earlier than the launch time. The line was rediculous! So not thinking long about it I gave up on the idea, and we went for lunch instead.

    On the way from lunch at 15 minutes to launch of the iPad 2, passing by the store again, I noticed that the line shortened (weird I know) and we decided to test our luck. 1.5 hours later an apple rep came to the back of the line and announced that they are out of iPads and will not be able to meet the demand, which made a lot of people upset, and made half the line to leave.

    Well, I’m stubborn and so is my wife. Regardles that we had our 2.5 year old with us, we insisted to stay (gained a great line boost).

    Shortly after, the apple rep came back and announced that they got a new shipment in and started giving out the cards =) To my disappointment, by the time we got in the store, they have already ran out of the white models, but I was assured that I can exchange mine within 14 days without having to stand in line =)

    And here I am using the new toy to type it all out with ease, but not without problems. Don’t know if all the new iPads have that, but I have weird yellow-white illumination at the bottom of the screen (bottom right corner, right above the speaker, if the home button is at the bottom). The rest of the display is fine, but even tapping in that corner of the screen makes a strange feeling of looseness. So the coming Monday I am planning on going to test my luck with another iPad 2, hopefully white this time. Though the black version (don’t know why it’s black, when the back is silver) doesn’t look bad itself.

    Bottom line, congratulations on your acquisition, and you got yourself a follower on both iDB and ziPB =) keep us informed and I can’t wait to jailbreak this baby lol

    • Well I’m glad your determination paid off and you ended up getting an iPad. You will be able to exchange it within 14 days so don’t worry about that.
      The yellow marks you see at the bottom are from the glue that sticks the screen to the frame. It is supposed to dry off and go away. Mine doesn’t have that. I remember people having the same problem when the iPhone 4 came out. Again, it should go away, and if it doesn’t within a few days, return it to Apple and get yet another iPad.
      Thanks for reading. I hope ziPD can get as popular and helpful as iDB 🙂

      • Z

        I am due for a return anyway, as I wanted a white one initially. So might as well. I take it you received yours already? =) congratulations! Once again…

        Sebastien, so is it ziPD or ziPB? So I know the correct way of abbreviation. And knowing you and how fast iDB grew, this will be the next iPad related successful blog. I have no doubt about it =)

        And you can count me in, as I’ll be learning the iPad related material now more than iPhone. I passed the phone on to my wife, now that I have my new baby hehe

      • My bad. It’s ziPB, not D

  • Jose

    I also received the mail, but mine says Thursday 4.30 pm. (16 gig wifi white) And I ordered like 12.45 am on Friday :S and I live in California, well San Diego

    • I live in San Diego too, in Encinitas. I ordered mine at 12.53 on Friday so it is strange that I am supposed to get it before you.

  • Ace

    I ordered mine friday morning around 1:45 am and the store displayed the “ships in 3-5 days” sign, but I haven’t gotten my email to confirm the shipment -.-‘

  • Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to order iPad 2 online to many countries 🙁