If you weren’t one of those people that got online at 1 AM this morning to snag an iPad 2, you may be waiting a while. Apple’s second version of its popular tablet went on sale early this morning online, and will be available at 5 PM at retail stores today.

It appears it didn’t take long for Apple fanatics to snatch up the first round of shippable iPad 2’s. At about 7 AM PST this morning, customers trying to order the new iPad online were met with a 2-3 week ship time.

People who got their orders in before that, were able to have the product shipped in 3-5 days. After noticing the lengthy ship times, I decided to call my local retailers, and see what would be available for local purchase.

To my surprise, the wireless dealers I contacted stated they would have limited quantity on hand. They also stated that they wouldn’t have any iPad 2 WiFi only models on hand for the big launch day.

When Apple announced a ship date of less than 2 weeks after the iPad 2 was made public, I expected them to be a little more prepared. Especially considering that the original iPad, was one of the fastest selling consumer electronic products in history.

Did you snag an iPad 2 this morning? Will you be venturing out to a retail store today? Let us know below!

  • Ethan

    I am pretty sure that they do have gazillion of iPad 2 ready. It is just a marketing strategy that Apple always do to promote virtual hype and scarcity for their products. That is not a bad thing, it is something for us to learn as a business person or even as a customer.

  • Leo

    I think there are actually significant supply issues for the iPad 2 that Apple is not being entirely honest about. Most AT&T and Verizon stores did not receive iPads. Best buy, Target, and WalMart did not receive many, and even Apple stores only got in the hundreds of iPads. Not sure how they could possibly even had anywhere close to 500k iPads to sell. This is not good business, if you can sell them, you want to sell them and get the money ASAP – that is good business.

  • Sam

    I made my first attempt at buying an Apple product on the release date. Normally I do pre-order the item, but surly the local store will have plenty of stock on hand for IPAD 2. So I got there 3 hours before 5:00 pm. As time slowly creeps by, the doors finally opened for the sale of the new IPAD 2. I haven’t stood in line like that since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Before I could even think about the accessories that I need to get, all 3G IPAD’s were sold out in 40 minutes. I was completely blown away how fast they went and I was so close to the door. I made attempts to purchase from other near buy stores, but they too were sold out with in 15-30 minutes.

    So after 4 hours of trying to purchase an IPAD 2, I went home with nothing. Like many others, I have an online purchase in place for my first IPAD. Will I stand in line again for the next IPAD 5, probably not.

    • Me Either

      I stood in line as well and like Sam will not be standing in line for my next iPad.

      I have a deposit at Best Buy and look forward to my first iPad.

  • Michelle

    i guess im one of the lucky ones who got the ipad 2 with no lines, no waiting 🙂 i am pregnant so falling in line was out of the question so on march 11 i ordered online at around 12:45am and i got 3-5 days shipping. (as of today my order is aready in transit 🙂 )

    Later that day i went to walmart to have my oil change and while waiting i was browsing in the electronics section and saw only 5 people in line for the ipad and they had still a lot in stock but i didnt buy coz i already ordered online and was not really in a hurry to get it. When i arrived home i got a call from my sister to buy one for her so i decided to just try the next day at best buy bcoz i knew walmart will be out by then.

    I arrived at best buy the next day at around 10:15am and what do u know they still have stocks and no line. I got my 64gb wifi plus my pink smart case in just 5 min of being there.