It seems Apple turned the switch a little before the official 1am scheduled release. At about 0.50am here in California, I was able to purchase a couple white iPads for my mom and future mother in law.

Ordering went smoothly compared to my last experience pre-ordering the iPhone 4. I guess opening orders in the middle of the night is a good way for Apple to prevent massive amounts of visits to their site at the same time.

While Apple initially offered “fast shipping” on the iPad, my order is said to ship between 3-5 business days. Hopefully it will go faster.

Now time to go to bed because tomorrow I have to get in line to get my own iPad 2.

Make sure to leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.


    ordering went really smoothly for me too. the only thing was that i kinda made a mistake. instead of putting “DRIVE” on my billing address, i typed “DRIVER”. shoot, i hope that doesn’t delay the arrival of my iPad.

    what do you think?

  • Ace

    I came for a late night hospital visit cuz I wasn’t feeling good. But as I was waiting for the doctor to come in, I used the apple store app to order my ipad 2 😀 hopefully that thing gets here ASAP

  • @Danni You should be able to go to your order on Apple website and edit the address. Having “driver” instead of drive shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

    @Ace I’m glad your visit at the hospital turned into something somewhat positive. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Was the release globally today?

    • Nope. Only in the US today. A few more countries will get the iPad on the 25th of this month

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