When Sebastien suggested that I try out this new voicemail app from Orange Vallee, I was definitely skeptical. I’ve tried 3rd party visual voicemail apps before on Blackberrys and Android alike, and have always been disappointed. I’ve yet to try any on the iPhone though, and this promised a few new tricks so I figured why not.

The download is free and available here. Where the other visual voicemail programs floundered, this one shined. The most dreaded part about setting these 3rd party voicemail services up is the activation process. ON Voicefeed, like most other services, requires you to setup an account. This is done by entering in a tiny bit of info and authorizing it with a code that is sent directly to your iPhone via text…

What I also liked about the setup process is that it automatically adds the ‘activate’ and ‘de-activate’ phone numbers to your contact lists, named and everything. I’ve actually lost activation numbers before and was left in voicemail limbo, not a good time.

ON Voicefeed definitely delivers on its promise. The customizable greetings are easy to use and I actually had fun making them for some of my closer friends and relatives. You have the option to record a greeting, use the standard greeting, or even input text and have it read to your caller in a variety of accents and languages. Groups can be made by dragging and dropping your contacts into the group files, it’s so simple!

Now for the downfalls. The app malfunctioned more times than my native voicemail application by Apple, which is 0. The first error I got was that the app could not connect to server and it asked that I try again later. The second time it actually crashed my springboard. These errors only happened a few times, and I have been playing with it for most of the day, but that’s still a few times too many.

You shouldn’t ever have to worry about receiving your voicemails. Although I set up a lot of personalized greetings (did I mention how fun it was?), I didn’t receive many voicemails this afternoon to really put this app through the ringer. One voicemail I received had terrible quality, but that could have been due to the caller’s phone as well.

Are all the cool features in this app enough to make me drop my default visual voicemail for good? Probably not. But are they enough to keep me thoroughly entertained through the weekend? Definitely. Now, if only Apple would build some of these features into the stock voicemail app.

Has anyone tried this app out yet? Do you use any other 3rd party voicemails apps? Let us know below!

  • Thor

    I got tired of AT&T sending vm alerts sometime a day latter so I switched to google voice for my vm. I love the transcriptions. They can take a few minutes and are not perfect but I can generally get the jist of the message.

    I really like the idea of personal greatings but voice mail needs to be rock solid.

  • iPhoNerd

    There is no instruction how to activate (call forward) this App in US, though they claim on their website that it is now available for US. Pretty useless without support at this time.

  • @Cody: Thanks for your review of ON Voicefeed! We really appreciate the time that you took trying the app out and we’re going to make sure your worries about the errors and call quality are passed to our tech team so we can continue making ON even better.
    I noticed that the link to the ON’s App Store page is broken, here’s the right link: http://l-i.bo/Voicefeed-US
    We hope ON Voicefeed sticks around on your phone past the weekend 🙂

    @Thor: We can ensure you that our visual voicemail is as solid as a rock, and that ON Voicefeed won’t miss any of your voicemail

    @iPhoNerd: To activate the call forward in the US, you need to go on your iPhone address book, look for “On Voicefeed – Activate ON voicemail box” and just click on the number!

    If you have additional questions, you can find us on twitter (@lifeisbetteron) and Facebook (facebook.com/lifeisbetteron).

    The ON team

    • Kazi shaheed

      Need validation code for my Voicefeed, I installed Voicefeed they are not giving me a validation code, please give me validion code, thank you

  • iPhoNerd

    @Life is Better On Thanks for the help! Works cool 🙂

  • link is now working everyone, enjoy!

  • Efixman

    I use YouMail. It works perfectly. There is limited configuring on the iPhone but the notifications etc are spot on. All the custom stuff is better handles on the web.

  • Jason Masters

    I suppose none of these work on Tmobile flex pay correct?

  • @Jason: Unfortunately, ON Voicefeed doesn’t work on Pay As You Go contracts!
    Let us know if you have additional questions!

    The ON team

  • Kevm

    I am on Tesco mobile in the UK and clicking the activate on contact number gives me an error… When setting up there was no Tesco option for my provider so I selected O2 as it’s probably the most common iPhone provider still and Tesco also share network coverage with O2. Please advise

    • Hi Kerm,
      Unfortunately, ON Voicefeed doesn’t support Tesco Mobile at the moment, but we’re working on it with the Tesco team!

  • Kevm

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Gary preston

    Hello. Also on tesco mobile. Got idea for on Voicefeed of BBC click. Very sorry it doesnt work on tesco mobile. Any idea what the time scale is for getting it working?

  • Nick

    I was wondering how to remove on Voicefeed from my iPhone?…I deleted the app but now when someone tries to leave me a message it says my number is invalid?
    Please help me out…thanks!

    • Hi Nick – sorry to hear you’ve having trouble deactivating ON Voicefeed. Take a look at our support page here http://www.lifeisbetteron.com/en/support/iphone-on, scroll down to “How do I activate-deactivate my ON Voicefeed voicemail”, find your network provider and call the deactivate number listed, which should cancel your account fully.

      If that still doesn’t work, get in touch via support@lifeisbetteron.zendesk.com with your full name, number and network and we’ll cancel it manually for you.

      Hope that helps!

  • Arvilla

    I just downloaded the app in the US and as I was reading, it states that Network costs may apply when callers leave a message as their call is redirected to a standard national number. How do I find out what the fees are? Do I have to contact my carrier AT&T?

  • Hi Arvilla,

    For the vast majority of ON Voicefeed’s users, the redirects are taken directly from your inclusive minutes as part of a monthly contract – it is probably worth checking with AT&T if you’re not sure what’s included in your contract though. If you’re on Pay as You Go or something similar, it should again be taken out of your allowance.

    Hope that helps for now – because of the huge range of contracts available we can’t be certain but as we’ve made the number a non-premium one it should be included in most plans!

  • Sean

    This app is no longer on the app store!!! It’s not allowing me to log in

    • Hi Sean,
      We removed ON Voicefeed from the AppStore last Sunday as the version we mistakenly published was a corrupted version: http://blog.lifeisbetteron.com/on-voicefeed-status/.
      Apple’s “expedited review” started yesterday, so we hope to get their validation soon and publish the app again.

      The ON team