Ever wish there was a quick and easy way to prevent your iPhone’s photos from being accidentally purged?

Apple kind of skimped on the data protection elements of iOS; there’s no native way to prevent someone from going into your camera roll, and deleting all of your photographs if they have access to your iPhone.

Again, the Cydia store comes to the rescue as another jailbreak tweak entitled Photector pops up on the scene to save the day…

Photector is a simple tweak that focuses solely on protecting your photos. You’re not going to find a lot of bells and whistles here, but what you do find is relevant and does the job well.

Photector uses two methods of protecting your photos; the first method is to eliminate the ability to use the delete function, and the second method is to require a password.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing natively in place to prevent any user from simply venturing into settings and disabling the tweak altogether.

I guess if you’re using this type of protection, your suspects are likely your 5 year old children and not some malicious hacker; in that case Photector should do the job.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can download Photector for free via the Cydia store.

Sound interesting?

  • Joe

    i cannot locate in Cydia…repo?

    • BigBoss should be there in the stock repos.

  • odengerrard

    i would rather use lockdownpro. i got it in cydia from sinfuliphonerepo…u can lock any apps u want such as the photo or facebook.. for example, my friend would always prank me by updating my facebook/twitter statuses without my knowings..


  • Steve

    Shoot, when I read the title I thought it would be an augmented reality app for locating Vietnamese noodle shops…

    • Justin

      😀 Yum

  • azharhamzahya

    love this tweak

  • Usersean

    The ability to change the password with no security just renders it useless, that + crappy developer support (I asked him about it, didn’t care) = stay away.

    Could’ve been a good tweak as well :/

  • groucholand

    To the developer, add the above fix! And as well, add an option to the application to yank the location metadata on pictures you take with the iPhone and sell this one for a buck or two in the Cydia store.

  • Bow

    Perfect to keep my 2 yr old from deleting photos off my phone. Thanks.

  • Mmmmm

    You guys honestly post up the most useless tweaks ever! Dig deeper! Come on!

  • I don’t see the use for this tweak with LockdownPro and Private(app) around. Lowndown Pro can lock ANY app. However, there’s way to still see photos (via a new photo app from app store not locked or edit contact pic, etc). So use Private to protect the real sensitive pics!

  • Fofer

    I think you guys are missing the point. LockdownPro locks people out of apps, completely. This tweak lets people (and say, children) look at your photos, but not delete them. It’s a different use case and a different function. It’s meant merely as a simple roadblock to prevent casual deletion. I know a few folks who have specifically asked for this, and love that it’s available.

  • Hey guys,
    I’m developer of that tweak. Now, I feel the need of replying something to what people have been talking about.
    Firstly, for LockDownPro, it completely locks your app. You won’t be able to see your photos too. But when someone with a bit of knowledge enters SafeMode, it’s broken and your apps are obviously viewable.
    The main purpose of my tweak, photector, is to protect accidental or random deletion of your photos. For example, my girlfriend doesn’t have her own iOS device. She likes to delete the photos from my iPhone. Now, with this tweak, she can’t do that anymore. And she doesn’t know that she can by going into safemode/setting.app.
    So again, NO mobileSubstrate tweak has ability to secure your iPhone.
    I wasn’t replying to emails about this earlier since I don’t like replying the same emails to loads of people, plus, I was really busy.
    If any further questions, feel free to drop a mail at w00tylab (@) moeseth dot com