A couple of days ago we reported on a story revolving around a mysterious 64GB iPhone 4 that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere.

Initial reports around the web indicated that the device was being sold on the grey markets in China.

Now a bit of clarification has been added to the mix, as it appears that this iPhone 4 is one of maybe a few prototypes that “leaked” out of Foxconn facilities. Check out video of the device inside…

As you can see from the video, the iPhone 4 definitely reeks of being a prototype. Notice that the + and – signs on the volume keys are nowhere to be found.

This device looks eerily similar to the iPhone 4 that Gizmodo acquired last year from a guy that left his prototype iPhone 4 lying helplessly in a bar.

Another point of note is that the silver ring that surrounds the camera lens in production iPhone 4’s is missing as well. That too is a feature identical to the iPhone 4 shown off by Gizmodo.

Judging from the similarities, I’m going to go on the limb as call this a pre-production iPhone 4 that just happened to find its way outside of Foxconn’s walls. I highly doubt we’ll ever see an iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage, but it’s definitely possible for the iPhone 5.

The good news is that Apple is indeed testing such storage capabilities, so at least they are contemplating it.

What do you think?

[M.I.C. Gadget via BGR]

  • Tony

    Well, seeing as mobile gaming is skyrocketing lately, and all the advanced games coming out being so huge, it’s merely a matter of time before 64 gig phones are available.

  • Jason Masters

    I’ll hold out for the terabyte model lol!

  • wow that’s great but when will be the release date of white iphone.

  • @Nitesh …… I’ve had a white iphone 4 for about 6 months now (: and it all works perfectly!!!!

    • oh that’s great.i think you bought that from a guy who sold the white iphone panel am i right?

  • MALdito

    I would LOVE to have one of those, but (if possible) where could I get it?

    • Jj

      Any decent cell phone repair shop can turn ur black phone white.

  • That’s incredible news. 64GB is plenty and it’ll make the iPhone 4 much better since you won’t really have to worry about space capacity ever again.

  • alf15

    Why cant Apple just allow memory expansion via microSD cards! Once again Apple are being control freaks and just want to make more money!!

  • Kickstar13

    Hmm, wonder why its running iOS 4.1

  • Ilhan

    Has anyone noticed the WHITE iPhone that the guy on the background of the first pic holding???

  • Jhobert

    This maybe one of those china made knock offs.

  • yup it looks bigger cause of the extra gigage