CocoanutApps, the developers behind the popular YouTube/YourTube HD jailbreak app and Gremlin jailbreak framework, are set to bring us yet another awesome jailbreak application called, “Celeste”.

Celeste is a jailbreak app which will enable you to send or receive files and photos via Bluetooth File Transfer from your jailbroken iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch or iPad running iOS4 or later.

Celeste is the long awaited alternative to the iBluenova app, which only supported iOS 3.x. Cocoanuts has announced that the Celeste app is ready for release and should be available for download next week from the Cydia Store.

So.. its been a while. You might be wondering what we’ve been up to over the past 6 months since we first showed that teaser screenshot of Celeste.

Well, we’re happy to announce that Celeste is ready for release, we’re putting it through some extensive testing here at CocoaNuts “labs” and it’ll be up on the Cydia store sometime next week!

We ran a contest on twitter yesterday to see if anyone could guess what kind of features we’ve been working on. We had 6 lucky winners who will get free copies of Celeste, so congrats to @Elagdar, @coolalien10, @Ntrenta, @NovaTornado, @TarekD_, and @iDarkman!

We hinted at a secret we’d be announcing on our blog today, its one of the many breakthroughs we’ve made here at CocoaNuts as we’ve been working on the Celeste user experience. For the first time ever in the history of the iPhone, with the upcoming release of Gremlin, you will be able to sync downloaded songs and videos back to iTunes! And because Celeste comes with Gremlin for free, that means any songs and videos you receive over Bluetooth will act exactly as if you’d bought them from the iTunes store. We’re really excited about this!

If you own YourTube or YourTube HD, this means you will also be able to sync back downloaded YouTube videos to watch them on your Mac or PC. The next YourTube update will feature an audio export feature if you want to keep the audio and throw away the video.

So it’s been a helluva ride, we’re really close to finally bringing proper Bluetooth integration into iOS, the missing feature we’ve been waiting for since the summer of 2007. Stay tuned for announcements regarding pricing and a release date, and follow us on twitter @cocoanutapps

I find it very odd that Apple still hasn’t included Bluetooth File Transfer in the iPhone, a feature that my old Motorola V360 from 2005 has. Good thing we can always count on the jailbreak community!

Anyone else excited?


  • pawan

    Aww, now this is something! I had lost all hopes of a bluetooth file transfer app. Now all thats missing is a proper GUI torrent app 🙂

  • topsy

    This is what i want to read. I will pay for this if its not free. Don’t know why Apple doesn’t want to support bluetooth. No flash, no bluetooth. Don’t know what i would have done without my lovely Jailbreak. Long live Jailbreak. I know one day, jail-breaking will become practically impossible, but before then let me savour it. Let me make love to it.

  • Eduardo

    So with this app I can transfer file from my iphone to anorther phone? thx for the answer.

    • Burge

      Long live jailbreak. I wonder if Apple are ever going to do a Bluetooth transfer it’s all the idevices need now , come on Apple give us what we want the most…

  • Eduardo

    I mean from iPhone to another phone like samsung or LG phone?

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, that is correct. Any phone that supports Bluetooth File Transfer (which are most of them).

  • Sb

    Finally!!…this alone could be a reason to jailbreak. U guys are doin a bangass job keep up the good work.

  • Sb

    Finally!!…this alone could be a reason to jailbreak. U guys are doin a bangin job keep up the good work.

  • Eduardo

    thx for the answer. Downloading.

    • Kickstar13

      It’s not available yet. Should be released next week.

    • topsy

      What are you Downloading? Mighty Spirit i guess. Its not yet available so i wonder what you are downloading.

  • Eduardo

    JESUS CHRIST, I did mistake saying downloading, now u want to crucify me for that, take easy gonna download next week. Like Kickstar13 said so.

  • msxy

    lolllll helooooo i sent a notification for u about a month or more lolllll

  • zEz

    definitly something i’ve been waiting for.

  • M u n E e r

    When this bluetooth will be available? next week which day, date ?

    • Kickstar13

      The developer states that it will be available sometime next week.

  • you absoultly right apple co. should had this feature in iphone, its old feature in cell phones

  • why?? blu tooth sucks

  • Dxm

    Когда она выйдет? Сколько будет стоить?

  • FluroPinkNinja

    Is There A Source We Have To Add??

  • Fluro

    About Time!!!
    Is There A Source We Have To Add?

  • Kostas

    OMG !!! Being able to send/receive files from iPhone to normal cellphones with the bluetooth? And sync them in iTunes? THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING NEWS!!! I’m so gonna buy it to support this HUGE effort! Apple should reconsider this stupid policy of restricting their best product’s (though ridiculously overpriced) numerous possibilities! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. YOU WILL MAKE ALOT OF PEOPLE REALLY HAPPY. 😀

  • sooso90

    what’s new about Celeste ????

    • Kickstar13

      Should be released sometime this week.

  • Fluro

    Ok thanxx

  • Neil

    Really xcited..!! der any source we have to add??

  • M u n E e r

    Hi, there is new update iOS 4.3, and I wanna ask is Celeste will be work with iOS 4.3 or not ?
    Is it work with iOS 4.2.1 only ?

    And thank you ^_^

  • Kevin Stard

    Will we be able to send files to the ringtone folder for example or just to the pictures and music folder???

  • Anonymous

    officekey . blogspot . c o m/