4G Android handset users are pretty upset over their not so 4G upload speeds. This past month, AT&T rolled out their first pair of 4G phones which operate on the carrier’s 4G HSPA+ network. Even though AT&T has upgraded their entire network to HSPA+, it is only available in areas that have the new backhaul to support it.

How fast are these 4G devices? AT&T is claiming that in areas where 4G is lit up, they are seeing download speeds of up to 6 Mbps. There is no mention of upload speed. But Android users are flocking to web forums, claiming their 4G phones are losing to 3G iPhones in data speed tests….

Multiple sources are claiming that even though they are getting impressive download speeds, they never see upload speeds over 300 Kbps. iPhone 4 users regularly see about 1.5 Mbps upload speeds, so do the math. What in the world is causing a 4G phone to lose to a 3G phone, in anything network-speed related?

9to5mac is reporting that AT&T has not enabled the higher HSDPA upload speeds, thus capping the 4G customers at 300Kbps. Well then how come the Apple iPhone 4 is seeing the higher upload speeds? That’s easy, Apple controls the firmware.

Smart money is on AT&T pushing out some sort of update to fix the issue. Early 4G Android adopters are already threatening to return their phones in outrage. I would be too if my 4G, dual core smart phone couldn’t upload a video to Facebook as fast as a single core 3G smartphone.

I’m constantly challenging my Android friends to speed tests and winning, does anyone have any victory stories? What’s your average upload speed? Tell us below!

  • Petis

    Looks like the intel/infineon chip in iphone4 does something better than the Android 4G one.

    • Jon Garrett

      No it does not, didnt you bother to read the info about this “test” AT&T put a cap on the Android device. what do you think the results would have been without restricting the Android device?

      • Jon is right. That phone has a a 1.2 ghz dual-core snap dragon processor in it. the iPhone 4 chipset cant beat it.

  • lawrence091

    “Smart money is on AT&T pushing out some sort of update to fix the issue” That means you think Apple is going to cap the U/L speeds?

  • i always win when it comes to apps 🙂
    Infinity Blade always makes them jealous

  • Jon Garrett

    Seems like most apple users are 14yr old boys.

    • Nano45TA

      Just remember that the iPhone has sold more than any other smart phone.

      • Jon Garrett

        that’s true but Android has outsold Apple iOS and will continue to do so until just a small minority of users are using iOS.

  • that’s great.apple always rocks 🙂

    • Jon Garrett

      except when it comes to

      – user control over their devices

      – freedom and flexibility for developers to develop what they want as opposed to what can get approval.

      – allowing apps that are better than stock iOS apps (ie bite sms vs stock sms)

      – allowing use of the home screen for widgets

      – inability to put content on your device absent itunes

      – moving your play lists and syncing to another computer.

  • ya i agree with you..

  • iphone is the best

  • Joe

    Just to clarify for you guys, android uploading is caped, basically means it cant exceed a max upload speed. And frankly upload doesn’t mean anything when it comes to your browsing speed. Download is what really matters and whats going to give true browsing speeds.

  • Steve Jobz

    Upload speeds of 1.5mb on an i4? What?! I’ve never gotten anything over 100kb of upload …

    • Joe

      Thus why this article is on this website, its big news when atnt iphones get good speeds

  • Justin

    lol that’s obviously a problem with AT&T and their LTE Network…not the Android device…



    Both phones is actually giving you the same speed. Try to download a file instead of using speedtest.net and you will see the real speed you are getting. (ATT secretly associated with speedtest.net so the number you see is actually fake).