We reported earlier today that Apple’s iOS 4.3 would be available for download at 10:00 A.M. PST. Well that time has come and gone and MacRumors is reporting that the early release will actually occur tomorrow. They’ve posted  a screen shot (see above) from one of their MacRumors readers, chatting with an Apple representative.

The screen shot confirms what LoopInsight reported this morning: there is to be no iOS 4.3 release today. But the speculation of iOS coming early still seems to be solid, it’s just been off by a day. We will definitely let you know as soon as the download goes live, or if anything else breaks in this story… 

Is the suspense killing anyone? Stay tuned!

  • zbegon

    Even cooler if the iPad 2 accompanies the early release.

  • rockstar

    I bet that representative is just trolling 😛

  • Di

    Will the unlock for BB 3.10.01 also be rolling out the same time as 4.3? I’m not updating to 4.3. I waited too long for untethered 4.2 jb.

    • Kickstar13

      Unlock will come couple of weeks after iOS 4.3 is officially released.

      • Di

        Oh for sobbing out loud. What the hells am I gonna use on my overseas trip? #FML

  • Tbv

    I think the release will not be out until 3/11. I think these sites are putting out misinformation to get people to read their blog.

    • MrA


  • MrA

    Hey keep saying tomorrow iDB, gotta get it right one of these days!!!

    My source says it will be available on the 11th, but hey my source is just Steve Jobs via iPad 2 announcement. But what does he know right? Better trust this Guy Darren R!

  • Minifender


  • Jason Masters

    Lmao gotta love this blog!!

  • Simpson

    My reliable source has informed me that the infamous iOS 4.3 will be out as soon as Obama demands Steve Jobs to do so.