Just 6 days after releasing iTunes 10.2, another update is available today. iTunes 10.2.1 doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Just like for iTunes 10.2, the changelog only mentions this new version of iTunes is needed to sync your device with iOS 4.3.

Additionally, and like the previous version, iTunes 10.2.1 brings improvement to Home Sharing. In short, this release is probably about small bug fixes…

I was able to sync my jailbroken iPhone without any issue after installing iTunes 10.2.1.

Let us know if you find anything new in this version of iTunes.

  • William

    wow, didn’t expect another iTunes update within such a short period of time.
    BY the WAY, Sebastien, how do I set up an Avatar for iDB?

    • fl0wingfire

      I’m pretty sure you set up an account with Gravatar and every time you use the email you used to register on Gravatar with, it shows the avatar

      • William

        thank you so much 🙂

      • William

        thanks, it works perfectly

  • stfudvs

    After updating to iTunes 10.2 I was unable to sync my i4 4.2.1, iTunes didn’t recognize the phone, downgrading fixed that, hope that is a bug that’s been fixed

    • fgo;igkjnrtidfksdghfn

      10.2.1 is NOT jailbreak safe! After syncing only once, iTunes started giving me random errors and didn’t recognize my device. And ever since then, my iPod has been crashing every few minutes, taking literally 7 minutes to turn on, going into safe mode after booting, and App Store Apps not opening.

  • I think they just forgot to add something to their last update they added with this one.

    • Yeah, sounds like a “whoops!” situation.

  • I like too much itunes

  • It fixed many bugs with Home Sharing, and now it seems to run fine emulated on my other Ubuntu computer..

  • Simon Scully

    are you running on 4.3 or 4.2.1 ?

  • Danny

    So, upgrading to this iTunes will not disable me from syncing 4.2.1?

  • Aleksander


    Greenpois0n and Pwnagetool not working.

    DO NOT UPDATE TO 10.2.1

    10.2 Link (For Downgrade):


  • Deighvan

    Aleksander is correct. Greenpois0n did not work for my iPad 1G. It confirms that it’s completed, but Loader never shows.

    Windows instructions for iTunes downgrade.

    To downgrade back to iTunes 10.1.2 follow these steps:
    1. Download the iTunes 10.1.2 installer from FileHippo
    http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes_64/9195/ (The 64-bit Windows Version)
    2. Uninstall iTunes 10.2
    3. Install iTunes 10.1.2 that you just downloaded.
    4. When opening it may give you an error that the iTunes library has been created by a newer version of iTunes.
    5. Close out the error, go to your iTunes folder in “Music” and go to the “Previous iTunes Libraries” folder, it should be dated the same date when you updated to 10.2.
    6. Use that file to replace the iTunes Library file in the main iTunes folder, so rename the dated one to iTunes Library and put it in the main folder.
    7. iTunes should open up fine and you’ll now be using 10.1.2 again

  • James

    I really want to update Itunes to 10.2.1 because the new IOS 4.3 firmware sounds really good. Especially if they’re going to be bringing in some new apps which will require a more demanding system.

    But after what a lot of you have mentioned in this blog, I’m very deterred from proceeding with the whole operation. I also have Jailbroken my Ipod using GreenP0ision. =/

  • Jay

    Thanks to Deighvan.

    Im in no rush to update just yet, im just loving the JB.
    .So if it works on 10.1.2, then so be it.
    Downgrade was a success.
    Nice one.


  • Gavin

    I want to now what jailbreak is and is it safe

  • I’ve been hesitant to update my itunes since I have a 3G unlocked and jailbroken iphone. I learned the hard way NOT to update my iphone either since the first time I did, my phone didn’t work and I had to get it unlocked again. I can no longer sync my apps either and have to download new apps directly to my phone. I don’t understand why Apple wants to control the phones so much…what happened to Freedom of Choice?

  • Wahab

    How do I uninstall i tunes 10.2 ? where I can’t install the previous version before uninstalling the later one ..
    and will any backup “for my iphone let’s say” be erased if I do this?

  • Deighvan

    You can uninstall it the same way you would any other Windows application. Your backups are left in tact.

  • Wahab

    Thanks ..
    another thing to ask please .. I used to backup my iphone usually every week, and when I update the iTunes to the last version “10.2.1” , I could’t find my backup(s) to restore a backup for my iphone!
    I installed the previous version of iTunes, and still no Backup(s) founded .. ANY CLUE ??

  • Deighvan

    I’ve never dealt with that problem specifically. You’ll have to do a bit of searching online to find someone else with the same problem.