9to5Mac is reporting via MacerKopf.de that Apple might plan to unveil iOS 5 on April 14 or 15. This would match announcements of previous iOS versions. For example, iOS 4 was announced on April 8, 2010.

Like I wrote in my 10 predictions for the iPhone in 2011, I have big expectations for iOS 5. I believe 2011 will be the year of the iOS and that Apple will definitely surprise us. Apple Maps, Wireless Syncing, better notification system are just a few of the expected features…

As usual, this is just a rumor for the time being but it does look legit. I guess we’ll find out for sure next month.

What are some of the features you’d want to see in iOS 5?

  • Mcsteven

    I’d like to see custom themes and packs you see with the jailbreak community. That’d be awesome.

  • Ango

    Pre Jailbroken iOS.
    Unrealistic but it would be fine because it would be not as much Work as usual, to do it self.

    • tyrtey3wtyh

      That is exactly what pwnage tool and sn0wbreeze are for.

      • I third that. ha

      • Ango

        I know that i mean, allready Jailbroken after install. But thats a pure Dream 😛

    • Vik071

      Second that!!!

  • @W8ingonanipad

    ios5 will unveil with iphone 5. in june

  • Piri

    A FM Radio receiver app… the hardware is there!!

  • Piri

    A FM Radio receiver app… the hardware is there!

  • akasha

    Flash hahaha

    • William

      never gonna happen

  • Xepptizz


    • Mawson:)


  • Chlomel

    rotating icons between portrait and landscape aswell as custom themes. certainly better notification system and better/faster “cloud” integration.

  • josh

    maybe this version will let me place my very own App icons, wherever I want? I know, I know the technology is years away…

  • Thanks for sharing info for this

  • folderenhancer !!!

  • Manuel

    You also predicated that Steve Jobs would keep the iPhone 4 Verizon myth going too 🙂

    On the serious side though, I hope iOS 5 is better then 4.0. Its been a boring year in my opinion.

  • starsky

    How about a SMS text app like biteSMS? The current way the iphone handles texting is awful. Don’t make me leave my app in order to text back.
    What if I have a really good game of Angry Birds going????

  • Chitriguy

    I would like to see something the something jailbreaking community hasn’t already done (that I’m aware of), find a way to link the contacts app (database) with the calendar app so I can go into one or the other and it would link each other. I.e. When in contacts, create an appointment and then when the reminder for the appointment comes up, I can view it and then link to the contact to view their address or phone number and go from there. I can’t understand why Apple hasn’t incregrated this already since they are the developer.

  • Satan Himself


  • Main Feature: Notifications, with an API. Expect something ala WebOS.