Some guy wants his iPad 2 so bad that he’s already started camping in front of an Apple Store somewhere in Texas. I really want my iPad 2 too, but am I gonna be camping in the street for 4 days for it? Probably not.

I guess I’m not as much of an iPad lover as this guy is.

[Mac Observer]

  • Nice! I too will be in line but not like this…

  • Topsy

    I will be in line in my dreams. Why would anyone stay in line. What’s so special about iPad 2. Yes I will buy it, but not building my tent at apples. When the billionaire apple are are sleeping. It’s my money, it’s not free. Don’t get me wrong, I love apple. I have all the iPhones. I will buy the iPad 2. But I won’t sleep outside for days just to be the first man standing. Rubbish!!!.

  • A sign of things to come? I guess he is doing it for the attention but the night of March 10th should see some more crazy campers.