Verizon might win the coverage war, but AT&T takes the crown for the fastest data download speeds. That is, of course, according to Metrico Wireless. An independent mobile device performance evaluation company out of Maryland, Metrico has been advising companies on launch readiness of their wireless products and services for years.

According to their latest report, which includes thousands of field tests between 5 U.S. cities, AT&T clearly has the faster data. Metrico ran more than 10,000 web page downloads in Dallas, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Baltimore. They also ran more than 2,000 data download and upload tests, as well as over 4,000 voice calls…

The final results are astounding. Metrico Wireless states that the iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network downloaded data twice as fast, on average, as the iPhone on Verizon Wireless. This report certainly conflicts with earlier reports that claimed Verizon’s iPhone performed better overall than AT&T’s model.

Metrico claims that these studies were quick and based on a small number of test samples, in a single city. Metrico’s tests take in to account several variables, including difference in download speeds while in moving vehicles, and thousands of test samples. What’s more interesting is that the wireless evaluation company didn’t do the study for either carrier. A copy of the compiled data can be purchased by any wireless company for a mere $4,950.00

So the saga continues between the nation’s two leading carriers. Verizon might have the better voice quality, but to an always connected guy like myself, data speed is much more important. In fact that’s one of the reasons I’ve held off from switching to Big Red thus far. Throw in a 4G LTE chipset and then maybe we can talk ;). What do you guys think of your Verizon iPhone’s data speeds, is it lacking? Has anyone tested these two models for themselves?

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  • I found that AT&T, when working, was up to 3 times faster. In spots with spotty coverage, Verizon was definitely more reliable. I think this is a fairly reliable survey by Metrico. Verizon does win me over though with unlimited data (for now) and better voice coverage.

  • goofygreek

    shouldnt att be blue, and verizon be red, you know, big red, lol. figured i should point that out in the pic. also, att is a lot more realible where i live than verizon is. but, like some people say, some 3g coverage is better than none. att might be faster, but they cover a lot less real estate than verizon does.

    • I’m assuming it’s to show contrast in the logo colors. If that verizon logo is on the red glove it either doesn’t show up or doesn’t “pop” as much as it does on the blue glove.

  • Jj

    I have had att for over 6 years now in the Dallas area. And I have never had any any problems other than an occasional hick up with download speeds. They are always pretty fast. Heck I even sometimes use 3G instead of wifi. Cause its faster than wifi sometimes.

  • Igeek

    I got 5.86 MBPS with att

  • Manuel

    I envy you guys who have AT&T and saw this super fast data on your phone. When I had them, my pages wouldn’t even load. Speed was slow and crud, pages times out, nothing would work and this was in many great areas in nyc. Now that I’m using Verizon, my data is 99 times faster then AT&T. I know AT&T does have faster speed then Verizon, but on my experience, Verizon’s data speed is way faster then AT&T on my end. Places where I wouldn’t even get speed or even service, Verizon has gotten me service and data speeds loading 2 times faster on AT&T. These were all AT&T covered areas, or so they say, but Verizon is doing me justices. I do miss when I had my 3GS and AT&T pages loaded the moment I clicked a page. Now its not even possible 🙁

  • Igeek

    I’ve gotten 5.86 Mbps on AT&T

  • Eric

    Wow — I *wish* I could get these speeds. In Denver, my Verizon iPhone generally downloads 4-5x faster than my AT&T iPad (as measured via SpeedTest app).

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    • Jj

      Lmao. Ya ok buddy

  • When it comes to AT&T, it all depends on location. One can always wish for consistency right?