What would the rumor mill do without the overseas “black” and “grey” markets? They seem to be the place to find leaked Apple products and prototypes that may otherwise have been lost in the abyss. The latest find seems to be an iPhone 4 prototype with a reported 64GB hard drive on board.

According to Unwire.hk, this unconfirmed Apple iPhone 64GB model can be purchased from Sin Tak, the largest grey market in Hong Kong. The sellers claim these are actual engineered models, and available in small quantity.

Still not sold? The GB marking on the back of the device, matches the badge on the back of the famous iPhone 4 lost in a bar, “XXGB”. The model number is listed as XXXXX, and the FCC ID as BCG-XXXXXX. If you notice in the screen shot above, the capacity is certainly showing 64GB. It also shows a model number of 995-6049LL.

Could these screen shots have been faked? Absolutely. Is it conceivable that such a product exists though? You bet. With 64GB iPads and iPods alike, an iPhone model with this much storage is likely to come up frequently in conversation between Jobs and his Cupertino co-workers.

Does anyone hope to see a 64GB model announced this June? Or are you satisfied with your 16GB or 32GB? Sound off below!

  • I definitely need a 64GB model, along with more SpringBoard/HomeScreen pages. I currently have my 32GB filled with apps. I have about 58GB worth of apps in iTunes, which is enough apps to fill 2 32GB iPhones = 64GB model would be perfect. Apps are becoming bigger and bigger these days (over a GB in size). It’s about time the storage space was upgraded, along with the amount of pages.

    • Vik071

      OK, seriously, how possibly you 58 Gb worth of apps? How many of those are fart apps?

      • bet they are all games. Many apps are well over a Gig, many even over 2 Gigs. I have 26GB of apps on my 32GB iPod Touch.

  • Kuipo

    32GB is great but you can always use all the extra space if available. Yea, I would love to see one coming up this summer.

  • tyrtey3wtyh

    Fake! Apple wouldn’t put 4.1 on a prototype. They would put 4.3.

  • MrA

    If true, that’s my next iPhone.

  • Aj

    I am satisfied with 32GB

  • Jason Masters

    32 gb is enough 64 gb would be cool though

  • Shaz

    man i thought 32gb would be enough. i figured like 15 gigs for music. 10 for videos and pictures and the rest, about 5 gigs or so for apps. But yeh i want deadspace, i want streetfighters, i want some of the cooler games. and for now i have about 3 gigs left. soo 64 would be nice just so i wouldnt have to worry.. i doubt id ever fill 64 though.. id prob need only like 40 gigs of that.

  • goofygreek

    16gb for the iphone is more than enough for me, all i have is apps and music, some pics and vids as well. totals about 10gb. im waiting for my ipad2, and that will be the 32gb, all movies and games. got to love vlc. glad i downloaded it before apple removed it.

  • Chris

    I would love to have a 64GB iPhone, I have about 10 movies and would love to put more on. Movies avereage 1-2GB so I could easily double my movies plus more music and photos!

  • You almost wonder if they are going to release an iPhone with larger storage capacity with cloud based iTunes on the horizon. Or is it?

  • mohgui

    nice to have… whether the extra space is used… that’s beside the point.

  • Kev

    The dream for me is to have my whole music collection plus all the apps I want all on my phone. Don’t want to have to pick and choose what’s on it. I could actually do with twice that amount!

  • Kev

    The dream for me is to have my whole music collection plus all the apps I want all on my phone. Don’t want to have to pick and choose what’s on it. I could actually do with twice that amount.

  • Daniel

    64gb would be great. I store a lot of large games, apps such as TomTom UK Europe and Australia for my travels. I take a large number of photos and like having my tv shows and movies on hand when waiting at the airport.

    This would definitely be a must have for me.

  • ready2go

    i need 64 gb for my apps, for my music, for my audibooks. 64 gb would be great

  • I wonder how much a 64GB would cost on launch though. Probably crazy monies.

  • Matthew

    64GB would be great, but even though it’s a pain to switch all the time, I think I would just stick with the 16 or 32 version on my phone and get a 64GB ipod touch! Now a 120+GB ipod touch would be AMAZING! I have tons of music and even more movies, music videos on my computer and being able to have them on a ipod would be great. Now my reasoning for that is because the iphone battery life is not all that great. I need a phone that is always on, and sometimes I’m not next to an outlet for several hours. My phone can’t die!

    • Xepptizz

      I have an ipod classic still, 120 gigs of space and the playback time is crazy long, i can go a week on one charge. It combos nicely with my iphone.

  • Helene

    64GB would be great. I only have 240MB left on my 32GB iPhone and I can’t received some of my updates.