Attention Verizon Wireless iPhone users: welcome to iOS! TiPb Forums are buzzing with iPhone users, on the big red network, finding a carrier update in their settings app. There doesn’t seem to be any information available on the reason behind the update, but users are reporting it to be quick and painless.

To me that’s typical Apple. Well not always quick (depending on your connection), but compared to some of the nightmare stories you hear about OTA software updates for Google’s Android OS, definitely painless…

So if you’re an early adopter of the iPhone on Verizon, the update can be found by going to your ‘Settings’ app -> General -> About. Forum posters are reporting that the download upgrades your carrier version from Verizon 9 to 10.1. It’s also important to note that some jailbroken users aren’t seeing the update available.

Has anyone received this update on their Verizon iPhone yet? Are you jailbroken?

  • GrandMasterB

    Yes, I am jailbroken and HEAVILY modded and just received and applied the update in iTunes on my Vista laptop.


  • Kevin

    Will this knock out the jailbreak?

    • Daniel

      No it won’t updated mine still jailbroke.

    • Victor


  • Mo

    I’m also jailbroken and very heavily modded (around 45 tweaks/cydia apps) and I got the update fine yesterday. Upgradded me to 10.1 without a hiccup.

  • no information as of yet that it’s affecting Anyones jailbreak.

  • GrandMasterB

    I have had no problems with jailbreak, Cydia or any cracked apps or tweaks since updating the carrier setting on my Verizon iPhone.

  • This wont affect a Jailbreak do not worry. Its just carrier settings etc.

  • Mariana

    My iPhone is jailbroken and updated without a problem. None of the mods have been affected.

  • Dracosssint

    Maybe affect the ability to unlock though?? Anyone think this will become a regular on the big red >.>

  • andrew

    im jailbroken got the upodate and havent noticed anything different

  • Manuel

    Made my phone faster with the webrowser. Jail broken on 4.2.6 and everything seems okay with the updated.

  • Jason Masters

    Is idb related to tipb in any way? I was wondering why the articles always seem to be the same…

    • Other than being friends, no. We try to keep things fresh on iDB. But stories do occasionally get sourced back and forth. We love TiPB. 🙂

  • Victor

    For what I heard the update allows iphone to use sprint antennas, thats all.

  • GrandMasterB

    For anybody wondering I just did a complete wipe and restore back to stock, took the carrier settings update, and then jailbroke using GreenPois0n without issue.

  • Sleeper Ninja

    Jailbroken and haven’t updated yet. Anybody using TetherMe?

    I’m not keen on updating without being sure it won’t affect it. I’m sticking my finger in Verizon’s eye on that one.

  • Dre

    I restored my jailbroken iPhone, without doing the carrier update, now won’t activate after restore. And after reading here a bit I connected to wifi, n updated to 10.1 carrier, but still can’t get an activation. After a couple of restarts of the phone it seemed to have finally work yay

  • I was able to update and have jbed my phone using greenpoison.

  • Dustin

    Same here jailbroken but update was quick and no issues

  • Did anybody see any significant changes after the update???

  • Matt

    I am hesitant to do this update, I am on 4.2.6 and jailbroaken with green poison. I’ll stay vigilant

  • did the carrier update on jailbroken 4.2.6 with no issues

  • KYLE


  • Joe

    I got my update but then it said no celluar data service and didn’t update. Now I go to the settings and there is no update. Also what’s the best site for jail breaking? Thank u