At Apple’s iPad 2 Event earlier this week, one of the major improvements in iOS 4.3 was Mobile Safari performance.

Steve Jobs claimed that Apple has included the new Nitro JavaScript engine in iOS 4.3 which now powers Safari. According to Apple, the new Nitro JavaScript engine, not only improves web browsing responsiveness, but also runs JavaScript up to twice as fast as iOS 4.2.1, resulting in web pages and interactive features loading faster than ever before.

Well, the folks over at iSpazio decided to test it out and see exactly how much faster Safari is on iOS 4.3 GM compared to iOS 4.2.1. The results yielded iOS 4.3 to be a a few seconds faster. Although it isn’t a huge difference, faster is always good, right? Check it out for yourself in the video below!

Update: We’ve added benchmarks of Google’s V8 Benchmark Suite below. The benchmark results indicate that the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3 GM is 3x and 2.4x faster the an iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.1. The tests were done running iOS 4.3 on two different benchmark tests, in which each benchmark test was ran three times and the results were averaged.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • six4seven

    wow. 0.01 of a second faster. lol

    • Wselviz

      actually 0.1

      • six4seven

        Wow really?? That’s so fast

  • There’s barely a difference…. but any speed increase is a good thing. I’m not complaining. 😀

  • iPhoNerd

    No big deal here! If it was 30-50% increase in the speed it would have been a wow factor. This is not even 20% in some cases. Nothing so exciting about “nitro” effect. 🙂

  • Koppis

    yay for Finnish websites!

  • All good

  • Manuel

    Some were unnoticeable, but others were better and were faster. iOS 4.3 does look like something great, but sucks for me since I have a Verizon phone lol. Ill be waiting for a cydia version of this soon.

  • Twited21

    Not worth loosing my jailbreak for
    Lame 

  • Phosphorus

    All jailbreak teams have waited for this firmware.

    Expect a fast release and UNLOCK. They were holding the unlock for iOS 4.3 and the jailbreak is already finished.

  • Steve

    obviously if a site doesn’t use much JavaScript, it’s not going to be much faster…
    They should’ve tested tasks in Gmail or some other JS-heavy web app

  • QuarterSwede

    The tethered jailbreak already works folks.

  • Woh.4.3 is too much better for every one

  • James Bryant

    Safari for ios 7 sucks. Granted I have ios 7 on iPhone 4. But my old htc incredible loads webpages in 5 seconds that take the iPhone close to 30. On the same wifi. Apple dropped the ball hard with ios 7.