If there’s one feature that I really appreciate about the App Store, it’s the ability to re-download previous purchases with ease.

Even if you’re on another device, all you need is your iTunes login credentials and bam; it’s downloading again, for free.

The iTunes music store doesn’t exactly work like that. I rarely download music from iTunes, so I was shocked the first time that I realized I couldn’t re-download an album that I had bought previously.

Fortunately, for those of you that rely on iTunes for all of your music needs, this might be about to change…

In order to give paying customers easier access to the music that they’ve purchased, Apple is reportedly in negotiations with the major record labels. Those labels include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG) and EMI Group Ltd.

This is extremely good news for iTunes users, as it essentially guarantees a permanent backup of all of your purchased music.

While the negotiations are private, they are evidently in an accelerated state, because it is being reported that a deal could be finalized by mid-year.

I think this has been a long time coming and would make me reconsider buying music on iTunes again instead of Amazon. What do you think?

[Bloomberg via Apple Insider]

  • Albion

    cmmon man….. I am about to never visit this site again, its getting stupid now more and more often this site can not load as the phone version. Its killing me to read everything microscopic because it loads as a computer version. I dont now if u guys do it in purpose or what the fuck it is, but u got to fix this.

    • Trackrabbit

      Seriously .. ?? Do everyone a favor and kill yourself before you breed.

    • marcoarrossi

      no no, your right!
      on the itouch and iphone less than 4g it doesent let you zoom

    • Jj

      I have been having the same problem. However, I still love this dam site. I can’t seem to stay off it!!!! Lol

  • Kevin

    Does amazon.com let you re-download music that you’ve previously bought?

  • Shaz

    ..just double tap on the screen? doesnt it zoom in? it does for me.

  • Andy

    I think Apple needs to develop a service kind of like Netflix for music. A monthly or so fee where you get unlimited listens/so many downloads etc. I think this type of servicing for media is the future. People already use Youtube more to listen to songs they want then iTunes probably.