It seems like forever ago when we were all fawning over the possibilities of Skyfire, and its promise to bring Flash video to the iPhone.

Its initial release was met with incredible success that even surpassed the expectations of the developers behind the project.

Now that Skyfire has found its way into the hands of tons of adopters hungering for Flash video, the Skyfire team has released its most feature filled update since the app’s inception.

What can you expect from the new and improved Skyfire? Check inside for the details on video…

“Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone makes for the most compelling mobile browsing experience to date,” said Jeff Glueck, Skyfire’s CEO. “This latest iteration leverages the cloud to not only streamline playback of rich multimedia – including Flash video – but also to seamlessly integrate your social graph into the browser.”

Of course the Skyfire CEO would have nothing but positive things to say about the latest update to his popular web browser, but what does it all really mean? The following video helps us to glean details on what we can expect from version 3.0.

So essentially, there’s going to be a whole lot of social network integration, and an increased variety of videos to choose from. Not a bad update at all, especially when your app is geared towards finding good Flash videos to consume.

Skyfire can be purchased on the App Store for $2.99. For those of you who have already adopted the browser as your own, the update is free of charge.

Have you purchased Skyfire, and if so do you still find yourself using it regularly? Let us know.


  • Eric

    The best feature is when you’re in safari (still the fastest mobile web browser by far) and you (rarely anymore) come across a flash vid you wAnt to watch you simply copy the URL. Open skyfore and it IMMEDIATELY asks you if you want to go to that sight. No paste required

  • Twited21

    It’s still pants It dosent work with the site I want it to work with

  • Skyfire for the iPhone now works with the website for the news station I work at.

    Now I’m hoping the same update will come to the iPad app as well.

  • Adam

    Skyfire would be great if it wasn’t painfully slow, I really don’t care that it plays (some) flash videos to be honest, I get frustrated waiting for it to do anything!
    If it was faster and maybe could intergrate the safari download manager, I’d use it more often. Shame, because on paper it looked so good…

  • Joel

    I agree it’s stupid slow and still doesn’t work with the website I want either. The comedy network needs to get with the times and realize flash video isnt required, there are other formats. Apple also needs to realize that they use other adobe products why are they against flash. I’m tired of the end user suffering through these stupid company pissing contests.

  • Mena

    I’m wondering, does it have an ‘open in skyfire’ JavaScript bookmark (like atomicwebbrowser does)? I know it’s been suggested on their product site a few months ago, but has it been implemented?

  • Moo

    Hi, how to do like on iPhone screenshot, that weather is near a battery?