If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s evidently what Research In Motion is thinking after it was revealed that their popular BlackBerry Messenger app would be making its way to both Android and iOS devices.

BlackBerry Messenger already has a long list of devoted fans that absolutely swear by its functionality, and this move will likely increase the amount of faithful users in camp BlackBerry.

While there are still no details surrounding the release date or the pricing structure, its looking like RIM is aiming for a piece of the Apple pie…

The first question that might pop into your head is why? Why port a feature to a competitor’s device when it’s one of the primary reasons that people stick with BlackBerry hardware?

It’s as simple as economics and branding. There are quite a few copycat apps out in the wild that have “borrowed” some of BBM’s key features; they’ve become very popular as a result. RIM is seeing that as money that they’re leaving on the table

Another reason is mindshare. When’s the last time an iOS user even thought about BBM? The day they sold their BlackBerry Storm for an iPhone? Never?

RIM is seeing this as an opportunity to get the BlackBerry vernacular back in the minds and hearts of iOS users, even if they’re not using their hardware.

Again, there are still no solid details on pricing or a release date for RIM’s iOS debut, but I imagine that it’ll be here sooner than later.

Sounds like a good idea by RIM; frankly, it’s the first good thing I’ve seen or heard out of RIM for quite some time.

What are your thoughts on the matter?



  • Vik071

    Agreed that it is a good idea on RIM’s behalf. I only wonder if Apple will approuve their app?!? 

    • manuel

      App should disapprove and tell rim “oh now you want to jump on the iOS bandwagon”

    • William

      there’s absolutely no reason for Apple to not approve this BlackBerry messenger.
      I don’t care if there’re tons of other apps like whatsapp in the AppStore. Many of my colleagues are still using BB & BB messenger, having it on my iPhone will only make life easier for me.

  • Vinny Gerardi

    I think its too late for RIM, I honestly feel like they missed the boat. They should have come out with this before the IPhone went to Verizon.

  • Adam

    Stay away RIM!

  • Rafael

    I think it´s all about mindshare. But I am almost sure that it will never be approved by Apple.
    I wonder if Apple will create it´s own BBM-like service.

  • Kadz

    BBm … we got an app 4 that too lmao .. About time it waz all these bb fan boys had on us lol

  • Fred

    I’ve using whatsapp to communicate with my BB friends. But if I could use BBM itself on my iphone that’d be even better. I can easily stay in touch with hundreds of friends in some countries who think their BB has everything a phone can do.

  • Sam Williams

    whats the point? everyone who wants to use BBM across platforms is on the Whatsapp! bandwagon. I love the fact that friends are added automatically by tel no and you don’t have to add by PIN. I won’t be downloading BBM i don’t think

    • Jason Masters

      I agree with sam no real point in the app it’s redundant.

  • Justin

    Yessss! I can’t wait, I was litteraly thinking about them doing this like..2 weeks ago.

  • bacteria82

    No need.. Whatsapp is enough already..

  • Bob bob

    If apple won’t approve the app I’ll jailbreak and use it anyway

  • @ bOb , Apple always make the right decisions for there users don’t worry you will definitely get this in future 🙂

  • Carlos Venezuela

    What’s the point really? Whatsapp has already achieved that tell me what is the difference between what BBM and Whatsapp can do? the Pin number?? do you really need this??, the only thing you need to use Whatsapp is the phone number and that’s it , we have that tool to comunicate with EVERYONE not just those with a PIN number, besides we all know de BB are crap, those devices will never do what an Iphone reached even since the 2G this is an Smartphone, not just a phone with chat think about that.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i hope this is true , but honestly i kinda cant believe its happening
    is RIM really that good

  • Zoid

    imagine the crap internet services provided by the service providers in my country(Nigeria) on the BIS(Blackberry Internet service) has a large bandwidth…Itz incorrigible if you don’t have a blackberry and as for the BBM talks,No app can do what it does…take Whatsapp for instance, Max number of 5 or thereabout can be on a group chat and viewing realtime images is out of it…how about sending large files? itz impossible on Whatsapp.

  • This will surely make me love my Blackberry even more.