Apple recently unveiled the iPad 2. Among other enhancements, Apple announced that the iPad 2 will be able to perform HD video mirroring through Apple’s new HDMI adapter.

The adapter plugs into the device’s 30-pin connector and automatically mirrors the iPad 2’s screen to an external source in 1080p HD. Setup requires no configuration and works instantly when connected.

What Apple didn’t say in yesterday’s event was that their new Digital AV Adapter will also work on the iPhone 4, 4th gen iPod Touch, and original iPad.

Apple’s HDMI adapter allows you to pipe any content from your iDevice to an external screen. One side plugs into the iDevice’s 30-pin connector, and the other connects to an HDMI cable for your TV.

There’s an extra plug in the adapter for an Apple USB cable. You can charge/sync your device while you are mirroring on an external display. (Nice touch, Apple.)

Although Apple has marketed this new adapter for the iPad 2, the device’s description in the Apple store clearly states that it is also compatible with other iDevices.

“Watch slideshows and movies on the big screen in up to 720p by connecting your iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation) to an HDTV or HDMI-compatible display.”

The iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and original iPad can only output video at the max resolution of 720p. The iPad 2 allows for full, 1080p HD video mirroring.

Besides the resolution difference from the iPad 2, Apple’s new adapter will work perfectly on the iPhone 4. Apple’s Digital AV Adapter will be available for $39 on the same date as the iPad 2 launch (March 11th).

Previously, iPhone users had to jailbreak and install mods like TVOut for displaying the iPhone’s screen on an external display. And even then, the output was not in HD.

Will you be buying Apple’s new HDMI adapter? There are so many possibilities with the ability to mirror your iDevice’s screen on an external display. We can’t wait to get our hands on this adapter.

[via Cult of Mac]

  • mark


  • jolitzdv

    yes!definitely il buy one!

  • Darrin

    Yeah I think it will b a great purchase.

  • Chris

    The mirroring feature only works on iPad 2. iPhone 4, iPod touch will only output video, and audio playback.

  • Mitch

    Will this allow you to stream Netflix or YouTube?

  • Jason Masters

    What’s the price?

    • appletiser

      jeez does no one read anything?? it says $39 😉

      .. but do you need to factor in the price of an HDMI cable too or is one supplied with the adaptor?

      • Arthur McSplash Esq

        jeez does no one read anything??

        HDMI cable is sold separately.

  • Wait, does this mean you can text people on the big screen? And Facetime?

    • nick

      No, the cable will only allow the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch to output Video content (Youtube, or movies on the phone) you cannot display your phones springboard.

  • Lequang242


  • groucholand

    Does anyone have any information if this becomes sort of redundant for Apple TV2 owners? Do the 4.3 updates for AirPlay allow iPad, iPhone 4 etc users to stream “Video Content” as explained by nick above without the dongle?

  • jwelden21

    i want my iphone mirrored damn it!

  • loopguy

    now that xbmc is avalible for the iphone, you can use it as media center 😀

  • Richard

    What about copyrighted rental movies ? I rented a movie and tried using the VGA cable, the movie would not play on an external source. Does this fix this problem or just make me spend another $40 to go from 720 to 1080 on you tube ?

  • mwebsterpgh

    Yes! Real Racing on my 55 Samsung in HD. Awesome.

  • barry

    I wonder how Infinity blade looks on my 50 inch samsung.

  • Z

    Yes, finally! One thing I don’t understand is why did they not simply build the HDMI into the iPad2? My guess is due to it’s thinnes (nope, not thickness) I am sure a lot of people will be happy.

  • So, the games won’t stream from iphone 4 to the tv screen. Then what should iphone gaming holders do with it?

  • tobichu

    I just connected my ipod.touch 4th with the new hdmi cable…and im getting video to play on my hdtv but no audio. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Craig

    So, now that it has been out for a week, does it work as they say it will on an IPHone 4?

  • alukado

    Well, Chinese people are always good at copying these gadgets, they are available on some sites at a affordable price.
    Check this one :
    $39.99 + free shipping, I just placed the order and would let you know when it arrived.

  • tom11

    Yeah,I checked the link but the pictures are not the same as the original above. My friend ordered one from another online store : it looks the same but the price is higher, any ideas where I can buy a cheaper as the original thx !

  • Reply

    Does it come with a USB cord?

  • Guest

    I got this Digital AV adaptor connected it to my Iphone 4 and used the hdmi cable from my TV i am getting no Signal. Any troubleshooting tips?

  • rej

    I want to purchase boxnation app on my iphone 4 but would i be able to stream it on my tv with this hdmi dock? so i can watch it on big screen?

    does it work with any app?