Apple has seeded the iOS 4.3 Golden Master to develepors. This timely release paves the way for 4.3’s public release next Friday.

Whenever a GM version of iOS is released, it means that it is nearly ready for deployment. This version of iOS will be made available for all iDevices, except for the CDMA iPhone 4.

Next Friday’s release of iOS 4.3 will only be available for the GSM (AT&T) iPhone. The Verizon iPhone runs on a different baseband, and requires its own update that Apple will hopefully push out soon.

As is the case will all developer builds, this 4.3 GM is intended for registered Apple develepors only. iOS 4.3 brings updates to AirPlay, and also adds Personal Hotspot functionality to the AT&T iPhone.

Don’t touch 4.3 yet if you jailbreak. There is currently no working jailbreak for iOS 4.3, but we’ll keep you posted on when one becomes available.

  • iXanczy

    “”This version of iOS will be made available for all iDevices, except for the CDMA iPhone 4.”” forgot that older versions of iPod touch (1st and 2nd) won’t get the update. 🙂

  • the closer to 4.3, the closer to the i4 unlock(even though it will be out a week or 2 after 4.3 is publicly released)

  • STFU

    Is there an update for the iPhone 3G too?

  • Jason Masters

    iPhone 3G is phased out time to get a iPhone 4 lol

  • i hate it when people say, its time to get an iphone 4, 3g is out. nobody has to get nothing they dont want. 3g is a perfectly good iphone. i personally have the 3g, 3gs and the 4th one. know what pisses me off about apple. is that they throw in these measly upgrades. like the dif between 3gs and i4, yes its there but measly. they save these updates for the next gen. i love and hate apple at the same time. im talking about shit like flash, a better camera, front and back. those things could have all been there on the 3gs, but no. they updated the 3g to 3gs with a slightly better camera, video recording which should have been on the 2g not to mention the 3g, a friggin compass(big whoop) and the biggest difference is the speed between a 3g and 3gs. 2g-3g speeds are 99 percent identical, then the leap to 3gs, same speed dif with the 3gs and the 4th gen, slightly faster. they have the technology, but they rather drag it out to make more money. it makes sense but pisses me the f*ck off!!

    • Slightly off topic here, buddy. But yes I hear you. That’s the way business works though and you don’t have much to do against it.

      • Kadz

        Lmao .. 2morrow is my Bday btw lol lol

  • vibe

    @ sn0wball921 true that, but still, me needz i4 cuz my 3g is becoming extinct

  • alex

    if you update to 4.3 gm, come march 11th will you then be prompted to update to the actual ios4.3?

  • Lawrence

    Actually pwnagetool for Mac has already jailbroken 4.3 GM

  • Faizan

    Whats the new feature of 4.3 ios..
    Jailbreak also not available for 4.3
    And cant unlock 4.3 version
    Then whats the use to update 4.2 ios to 4.3 GM ios…