After months of speculations and rumors, Apple finally unveiled the iPad 2 today. Almost surprisingly, Steve Jobs was here to lead the presentation. As usual the event started with some big numbers: 100,000,000 iPhones in the world, 15,000,000 iPads sold, representing a 90% market share which generated $9.5 billion in revenue for Apple.

Apple’s message today was pretty clear, the iPad is not a tablet, it’s a post-PC device. An indeed it is.

Here is a quick summary of everything worth noting about the iPad 2:

Apparently, you are not able to pre-order the iPad 2, which is kind of unusual. I sure hope Apple will let us do that prior to March 11 as I don’t feel like standing in line for hours.


  • When is it coming in.. let’s say Sweden?!

  • Wonder how many original iPads will be on eBay tomorrow morning…

  • I must admit, that it does look amazing, as all things Apple do. 2 core proc and 2 cameras cool but *yawn* really not a shocker.

    All in all great appeal but just a catching up refreshment of the line. Having said that still the best in the market at the moment. Shame I cant stand Apples closed model and will have to wait till Samsung makes something thin and light.

  • Ben

    I’m torn, not sure whether to get this or wait for the HP tablet

    which sounds like it has some pretty cool features.