Apple events are legendary in the tech community. No other company receives the level of response and interest that Apple gets with their announcements.

This fact is probably due to the intense level of secrecy that Apple maintains around their new products. Rumors ran rampant about what Apple will do next, but no one ever really knows what’s going to happen.

If you’re interested in following today’s Apple announcement as it happens, here’s a list of the best places on the internet for live Apple coverage.

Some of the best liveblogs for today’s event are:

All of the above sites will be in the audience at the Apple event providing first hand coverage.

Sites like ziPadBlog, TUAW, and RazorianFly will be commentating and rounding up info from multiple sources that are actually at the event. So if that’s your thing, you can check those sites out too.

Gizmodo hasn’t been invited to the event, but they’ll be giving their two cents as well.

In my opinion, Engadget offers the best overall coverage of these events. Their photos are always top notch, and most people like the way they cover what’s happening onstage.

Luckily, you have quite a few sources to choose from for coverage. If you’re extra brave, use the miracle of tabbed browsing and use them all!

Let us know how you follow the coverage of today’s event. We here at iDB will be sure to keep you updated on any iPhone-related news that comes from today’s announcement.

Apple’s event starts:

10:00AM – Pacific
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern

  • MALdito

    Thanks Alex!

  • Tony

    Does anyone know which site will offer a live streaming video feed? That is iPhone compatible of course. Just like the last Keynote Jobs had.

    • iPhoNerd

      Apple did live streaming while iPhone4 (I think it was iPhone4, I watched it but now I forgot which product it was, see they releasing lot of products thats is affecting my memory lol) was revealed. I am hoping this time also they will do the live streaming 🙂

  • rizo g

    thats y i love this blog

  • iPhoNerd

    It seems no live streaming on this time 🙁

  • The building decoration is so awesome…

  • just read the whole thing
    im SO getting one!!
    well worth $500 in my opinion!

    • George Bush

      No Mobile Me for free 🙁

      • Yeah…that was disappointing, other wise i would have signed up for it. isnt there a free trail?

      • iPhoNerd

        But still apple store not selling mobile me, so that is a good sign that it could be free 😉

      • mripod64

        really? well then there may be hope yet 🙂

  • soccerkrzy

    They still don’t provide SD card support.

    They want you to pay $39 for their proprietary HDMI output cable.

    The screen doesn’t have higher resolution.

    They didn’t give it a longer battery life.

    They didn’t give you an option for larger harddrive.

    Once again, Apple is a piece of sh1t with the iPad.

    • well of course you would have to pay for an add-on i mean come on its apple

      longer battery life would be nice but really? 10 hours is more then enough, i only charge my ipad like once a week.

      why would you need more then 64GB on a mobile device?

      • soccerkrzy

        With the added functionality of HDMI output, it would be nice to have more harddrive space to be able to put several movies on it; however, you’re limited. Granted, my biggest grief is the lack of SD card support natively (you can do it with an adapter; however, you cannot use both the SD card & HDMI output adapters at the same time…).

        We clearly have different uses in mind then. I would like to be able to use the iPad on a long travel day and not need to find an outlet in the airport. The 10 hours isn’t with constant video playback is it?

        The fact is, my $250 Asus EeePC can do more than the iPad for less than half the cost.

      • mripod64

        yes its 10 hours for video and web surfing. games may vary depending on the demand for graphics

        if you want SD card support why not just buy an android tablet, they support them (some models anyways) but you wont get the smooth interface the ipad has.

    • iPhoNerd

      Thank god you didn’t say Apple not giving iPad for free :P.

      • soccerkrzy

        I think it’s safe to say I have legitimate reasonings to not like the latest “upgrade”….

  • Woop woop – iPad 2 is here. Any one want to buy an iPad?! 🙂

  • i didnt get to watch the event, but did they mention what they are going to do with the ipad 1? like lower the prices, or discontinued it?

    • Burge

      Yes down to $399 and a refrub at $349…starting

    • Burge

      Here is the whole price list
      iPad 16g WiFi Only: $399
      iPad 32g WiFi Only: $499
      iPad 64g WiFi Only: $599
      iPad 16g WiFi + 3G: $529
      iPad 32g WiFi + 3G: $629
      iPad 64g WiFi + 3G: $729
      iPad not iPad2

  • marcoarrossi

    i missed it. where can i see the event?

  • marcoarrossi

    i missed it where can i see the event?