Apple products; there’s something to be said about the mystique of owning a new Apple product. The “Apple smell” is one of the first things that come to mind, along with the minimalistic packaging, and crisp design lines.

For reasons such as these, it’s disheartening to see Apple taking on an “Apple is for everyone” outlook, as the company looks to capitalize even more so on their recent dominance.

True enough, Apple is already past the point of ubiquity. I know plenty of people that struggle to pay their light bills, but still manage to keep up with their AT&T payments each month.

Even so, Apple’s new public outlook is disappointing to me…

I admit that Apple has already reached the point of its products obtaining commodity status; it just kind of stung when I read how Apple brass actually admitted that they were doing so in a recent interview.

Acting as CEO in Steve Jobs’ medical absence, COO Tim Cook stated that Apple isn’t a company “just for the rich.” Well I don’t know if anyone noticed, but that’s been happening. The majority of people that own iPhones these days are anything but rich.

Hyperbole aside, it’s still a tad unsettling for me to be hearing this. Owning an iMac and an iPhone no longer means I’m special? Is that what you’re telling me Mr. Cook?

I know It sounds silly, but there’s just something about owning an Apple product that makes one feel special, but perhaps I’m a few years and a few dollars behind the curve.

Perhaps the days of owning an Apple product actually meaning something are far behind us. Maybe the days of the new “Apple smell” are short numbered as well?

Does Apple’s recent outlook bother you, or am I just being overly sensitive?

  • barakthecat

    I don’t even know what the hell you are whining about. Apple making their products more affordable is somehow “disappointing” to you? Apple taking the myth that their products are more expensive means you are no longer “special?” Have you seem how many millions of people own an Apple product nowadays?

    It’s the care, thought, love, and pride that goes into the design of the Apple product that makes them an experience, not their (lack of) relative obscurity.

    • You’re right… But I think that design will suffer as well, as they start to cut corners to make more affordable products. Apple spares no expense with their designs as a norm, now they will be force to rethink some of their design choices.

      • Daniel

        I pay for quality and customer service. Even if it only costs Apple $50 for my $239 iPod, I get FREE replacements if something goes wrong.

        I would consider paying *more* if Apple required Foxconn to pay they’re workers more.

  • Hey, as long as I remember Cook said that he wants Apple to be a company that makes products exclusively for the rich people.

  • Eh?

    Pointless and stupid. Slow day at IDB?
    This is not the IDB I used to enjoy.

  • I guess I’m in the minority here? It’s not that I want Apple to make products that aren’t affordable. I think it’s great. I just think there’s something to be said about buying one when everyone and their grandmother didn’t have one as well.

  • Paul Zammit

    Well, Steve Jobs once said that owning an Apple product is not for everyone, and that every Apple product is of high-quality, and the company cannot afford to make “cheap” alternatives.

    I sure hope that even for the poor (I really don’t consider rich myself) “products” will be of high quality.

    • Exactly…. And that’s my point. Why does it have to be a product for everyone? Because cheaper products will inevitably lead to compromises. Doesn’t Apple make enough already without having to conquer every single market? I don’t know; the iPod Shuffle was the start, I guess I should have expected it.

      Next up…. iPhone Shuffle… Randomly dials and texts up to 50 of your contacts!

  • JD

    I’ll never figure out why people get upset when something gets good enough to appeal to the masses.

    Even so, its not exactly where Windows is at… Apple owners still “think different” … if you want to become a commodity buy Windows or Android.

  • Radu

    I think this “special” thing is a complete bullshit. Why shouldn’t everyone own an iPhone? Right, you wouldn’t be special, but imagine how that would change the way we communicate, imagine calling your friends without having to bother about fees or anything like that, because you’re connected to the internet all the time. Maybe for you guys in the US it’s nothing special to call/text for free, but for some people here in Europe it’s really annoying to pay up to 29 cents/minute or 19 cents/text. And I would love it if all my friends in the US had an iPhone and I’d be able to call them every day 🙂

  • lawrence091

    Apple is supposed to be taking on the role of product differentiator, not cost leader. It’s like going to costco to buy a wedding ring or going to Jared Galleria of jewlery..

  • Cheeky

    Wow, I come to a respected blog to hear about you whine because more people have iPhones. Grow up, there are more important things in life to worry about.

    You appear to have the attitude of a smug snob.

    • Radu

      I totally agree. I used to really like this blog 😛

  • Argument aside, that fruit pie sure does look tasty.

    • Now that’s something we can all agree on. Love those things!

  • sOleFresh


    I agree with you on this one. I spent years admiring apple products and have never been “rich”, actually far from it. My admiration never came from the price though, it was always about quality. I see everyone else’s points about making their products more affordable, and thats great. I just hope that the quality of the products does not diminish just to appeal to the masses..

    • Right on the money. My beef isn’t about the price; it’s about the quality that a higher price brings, and the decrease in quality that a lower price brings. Nothing more, nothing less. Trust me, I’m the furthest thing from rich, but I still enjoy the fact that Apple goes the extra mile with its product design. That’s why they’re in position to make such a move in the first place.

  • brent

    As for feeling special or different, it’s nice, but not why I use Apple products. I started using them because of OS X (and now IOS), the quality, and also because my last windows machine was a crappy HP laptop that didn’t work. I returned it and decided then it was time to make the switch.

    The biggest fear I have is that the Mac becomes mainstream enough that viruses become an issue. Much more important to me than just being different or losing the cool factor.

    I do love that smell, though.

  • soccerkrzy

    Lol, you mean you enjoy feeling special buying outdated and extremely marked-up hardware with a dumbed down OS? Apple fanboi’s have a weird fanatical view when it comes to the tech world.

    Honestly, I can’t wait until Apple is popular enough that viruses are created for it so the bullshit view that Macs don’t get viruses and are more secure can go away.

    Yes, Mac’s run nice and smooth, that’s because they’re run by a power-hungry control freak. They run outdated hardware and lock down their OS to certain hardware to give you the illusion it always works perfectly. Give me a custom box anyday of the week, hell, if you want, you can run a hackintosh from it, but whenever you have the freedom Linux or Windows gives you, why would you?


    Apple does make a great phone in the iPhone, and a great product in the iPod.

    • brent

      OS X is dumbed down from what? I don’t understand that statement. It does what I need it to do, in a way that I like and that’s all that matters. And are you saying that Macs DO get viruses? If that’s the case, I must be extremely lucky. I’ve been using macs on the internet since ’03 never with anti-virus software running and I’ve had exactly 0 viruses, spyware, etc.

      You’re obviously a computer geek that builds machines and there’s nothing wrong with that. You are a very small percentage of the computer using population. You need an open, easily modified platform to do your geek thing. That’s fine and cool. Believe it or not most people just want a machine that does what they need it to do without an operating system that gets in the way. OS X does a good job of not getting in the way and I, personally, don’t feel restricted by it. You apparently do. Fine, then don’t use it. I have a hard time understanding the hostility towards a computer company. You don’t like the product, you don’t buy it. And you don’t like Steve Jobs? Who cares about what kind of person he is? I don’t buy Apple stuff because I think Jobs is a cool guy. Unfortunately a lot people do practically worship the guy and put his Apple logo on their car. I’ll never understand that.

      You obviously feel very strongly about this. I have a solution. Don’t buy a Mac.

  • I don’t mind Apple making cheaper products. But when quality is undermined by cost efficiency, Apple will no longer be leading the industry.

  • STK10

    Why would the quality change?

    As in cheaper laptops, computers etc it would be easy to use lower spec parts to make a cheaper model. you dont have to start using crappy parts.

    Is the nano an inferior ipod just because its cheaper? macbook and macbook pro? Not at all its just different.

    Now shut your complaining pie hole. (see what i did there) Its your blog and all but you’ve complained about this a few times now!

  • Gotta agree with STK10, I’ve seen you moan about this a few times now. Just drop it….
    Apple can still afford their design team and will.
    Hell they built the most expensive phone test lab in the world if you go by that fancy video last year.
    They dominate the market with profit margin already, If they can lower their sale cost by 30% how many more people could afford to buy that same product.

    Look at their OS. Snow Leopard was absolute peanuts pocket money to buy. Still excellent quality. Lion is set to be the same, and all Apple’s software charges have dropped too.

  • Jason Masters

    That’s why you buy apple products from this guy named Tony off his truck on the southside he gives great discounts so the other people could afford them lol….

  • G

    At the end of the fucking day apples products are never goin to drop in quality . If that’s te debate then what a stupid one it is. Rich poor or both () when you buy an apple product you will feel privileged . Not only because the products are good but because they have been marketed so well that you feel like you need one thus having one is to be complete .
    Lol what a speech .
     tea Ne one ?