Until today, one of the most compelling reasons to switch to Verizon for the iPhone was that big red still offered unlimited data plans, whereas AT&T had long been on a tiered pricing model. It seems the gap between the 2 carriers is getting a bit smaller as according to Verizon CFO himself, Verizon is going to stop offering unlimited data plans to its customer as soon as this summer.

A few weeks ago, we reported about Verizon’s plans to throttle data speed and start compressing images and videos in order to allow available network capacity to benefit the greatest number of users…

Now that they don’t have this competitive advantage, the only compelling reason remaining to switch from AT&T to Verizon is the call quality which is much better than AT&T’s.

While Verizon is starting limiting its customers, AT&T has been on a generosity spree, offering unlimited data back to some lucky customers, free mobile to mobile calls, and more.

There is no word on what these data plans will look like but it’s safe to assume they probably will match AT&T’s.

Still in love with your Verizon iPhone?


  • Damien

    The good ‘ol bait and switch. Nice!!

  • thunderkeys

    Yes, I am still in love with my Verizon iPhone. More reliable data (more important than speed to me) and no dropped calls.

  • Manuel

    What morons, why do it in the summer? You should allow the iPhone 5 to be unlimited data so you can gain the edge on those users since AT&T won’t have it and you would. 2 months with them already, and I see them drop the ball as much as AT&T. Maybe I should have hit Sprint and waited for an iPhone unlock for this CDMA phone.

  • Drew

    If u have an unlimited data plan will you keep it ??

  • el3men2od

    I think we r going to ended up having the iphones with internet and use TextNow, yahoo messenger or google talk ect. because it is cheaper ……

  • Thomas

    I’m tired of you fucking idiots talking shit about AT&T and dropped calls! Don’t fucking complain about call quality if you have three bars all the time! I’ve been with CINGULAR since 2006 and haven’t had a single dropped call when I was in a service area. The only “dropped” calls occurred when I was out mudding in the Everglades where I have no service.

    • Dtfall

      Lol so just because you personally have never had a dropped call it means that their coverage everywhere else in the country is just as good? I’m in the service area and get dropped calls at least 4 times a week. If you’re going to back up your beloved AT&T at least so it logically.

  • “Verizon’s plans to throttle data speed and start compressing images and videos ” At&T never ever did crap like that proving that they indeed have the best network…

    • Eric

      but. . . they don’t have the best network. . .

  • Loudog

    Att has never offered m’s more than 2 bars where I live, cept in the heart of downtown, about 4 blocks, it’s crap. My gf has verizon and it covers everywhere min 2 bars mostly full. The second my contract is up Att will be a gonner.