Quite the humorous story making its rounds this morning; apparently Steve Jobs was denied knighthood by the UK government for refusing to accept a prior speaking engagement.

The speaking engagement was at the annual conference for the Labour Party, a political party in the UK.

Although all of this went down a few years ago, some of the details are just now making their way to the airwaves…

Then UK PM, Gordon Brown, was on the receiving end of the snub, and apparently it resulted in some hard feelings.

Interesting tidbit: Fellow tech compadre Bill Gates received knighthood back in 2005.

Although the title is more of an honorary thing and holds absolutely no weight, there have been a number of high profile folks that have received knighthood in recent years; Steve Jobs just wont be one of them.

I’m sure he has better things to do anyway, don’t you think?


  • brent

    Ha ha…yeah. I doubt he’ll consider his life a failure because he didn’t receive knighthood. Then again, I don’t know him and maybe that was one of his life goals.

  • That is fantastic photo, sir.

  • teegee

    This is all about the ego of Gordon Brown – so don’t hold it against us Brits! lol

  • Doug

    Haha. He doesn’t deserve it. Gates did/does

  • Doug

    Ha ha. He doesn’t deserve it. Gates did/does

    • Based on what. Copying everything Jobs and his team designed. Like the GUI, Mouse Floppy etc. Etc. Without him windows, didn’t exist

  • monkers

    That story must be even less interesting to you US folk than it is to us Brits….yawn

  • jared Thomas

    Steve Job’s is a Samuri. Much cooler

  • Anyone who thinks Jobs doesn’t care about the ‘honor’, is so far down the food chain: buying a burger would be a life changing event.